Hi,well,leaving Ottawa was the start,kinda’ mixed feelings…Let’s not dwell on it.

I hit the trail by bus sat. morning off to Hamilton to visit my Aunt and carrying lobsters for din din,had a great visit and sunday was another part of the journey,visit an”Angel” in TO.A case of beer lot’s of laughs,and more “Angels” and my cookie stash was a hit,I’m still chuckling at these big bikers munched out,heheheh.

It was a really neat flight as,we flew(morning)north through james bay to the Artic then west to russia,mongolia into Hong Kong,all the way the light and sunrise and desolate landscape below,man,not fo me….

I don’t think I want to come back after the 25hr flight,man that’s long and would rather someone else filled in.It was nice and my seat-mate was nice too,mmmm.

I got cut-off(wine)until they realized there was another long-hair on the flight??!!!

Finally,Thailand is in site and my aching tail-bone can’t wait.I think sometimes of monks sitting for long peroids of time,not me mister….Ok

Here,massage,fresh juice and foods,and some ol’ expats sitting in the same place,much like at home,Where was that again???Catching up on stories and peoples,some good laughs so far.Seems like the jet-lag not soo bad and the 36C temp is ok too.

Off To visit  a retard friend(Aussie nut)up on the River Kwai(as in Bridge,see the movie)tomorrow and have a vis and a couple of warm up parties,the wife will cook up a storm and we’ll all enjoy,like to have a Barbie…..

Well,hope this is a good start,blogging that is.

Sawassdee(bye bye in Thai)