Here,the hottest place in Thailand,thought it fitting after being in some of the coldest inhabited places on earth,and enjoying it6,how crazy is that…..River Kwai,sounds like it reads.It’s a small village on the river and gets tourism from the terrible history of war and what people do to each other,some of the photos at the museum are just horrible,how people can be so cruel to one another makes me cry just to think of it,give me a minute,can’t see the letters on the keyboard…
Whew!!!!On another note,this area is where they mine all the rubies and sapphires in Thailand,another reason to be here.
I have an old friend here,he’s a crazy man from Australia.We got on the piss last nite(Drink beer) and caught up on what y7ou talk about when you drink too much.This morning was lot’s of juice and a massage,much better now.Actually the first massage in days,I hurt my back and thought better of some lady bending me like a pretzel!!!he meds must be good,can’t feel a thing,not sure it’s a great idea but for now I’ll do without pain…
I’m off to Davs’ house(Aussie bud)today and have a sleep over,eat,drink and all that.He has a lovely wife and two beautiful kids,should be fun.
Look,as soon as I figure how to put photos on this stupid thing I will,internet cafes are a little sticky about adding programs,so just wait and not be so impaitent..
I’ll probably stay up here for a week,Bangkok is far away in so many ways,the rural thing is much nicer anjd the people from around here are Isarn,they are of Loa dissent and super nice,also their food is very different.They say(if you can believe)that the most beautiful women come from here,actually my friend I met in november is from here,yes,she’s pretty nice and with me now,oops,out of the bag….She was actually waiting at the airport for me,hmmmmm….Anyhow we brought some clothes for the kids and will have a nice visit,sooo much info.
Anyhow I’m off to the hills,wish me luck,heheheh.