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heheh.Well finally I’m back.It’s been a bit of a trip but now all is cool.I’ve moved in,had a few Barbies,just to see if it’ll work and man,it’s quite a bit up from the last ones in Canada,no renting and the availabilty and price of stuff makes it a bit of a joke….Like food is so inexpensive,beer and on and on.Have to remember I have soo much room nobody has to drive home,the people,mostly westerners living in thailand are up for new energy and i have a bit left,heheheh.

Right now I have my office set up with air cion,it’s like 40C+ here so that’s nice and high speed is about $30/month.The taxes here just went up and some people are really pissed,It was 5 baht a year and now 6 baht(there’s 30 Baht to the Canadian dollar,heheheh)the Aussie guy i bought it of says all my bills(electric,water,bla bla bla)sahould be no more than $30 a month,gotta love it.I’m busy aLL DAY,,STOP IN THE AFTERNOON,AS USUAL, FOR COCKTAILS AND IN tHAILAND EVCERYTHING IS AROUND FOOD AND IF YOU HAVE EVER EATAN THAI FOOD,MAN IS IT GOOD!!!

Noi is such a good cook,I may grow to the size of guy Keele soon if I don’t watch it,good on ya’ mate!!!

I am looking at buying  a zodiac boat as I am 2 minutes from the river(Kwai,seen the movie?).It’s too cool,they have these bamboo restaurants hanging over the river and go and hang out(eat and drink)and just pleasant to watch the life go by….

The palce came with a mot0r bike(125 scooter)everyone drives them,actually mine is the biggest,lot’s of power,problem was that they drive on the other side of the road,very shy up until today when i finally had the balls to take a road trip,really feels good and hope I don’t get hit by some crazy thai,they are worse drivers than in Ottawa(where is that again,heheh).Still a little shy about the cars as haven’t tried but think about shifting with your left and driving with right on the left side,weird eh????Anyhow my buddy Dav,been here for 14 years and I know him from the 90’s,my neihbor drives me when we have to go on shopping spree(in oZ THEY DRIVE ON THE LEFT  and we rent Vic’s car,he has the Grizzly bar and he’s from Alaska,shoulda never let that real estate go south,hmmmm.

I paid him $15 yesterday to do my running around,not big $$$$.

I just so sorry I moveds so far away,really I wasn’t trying to get away from all you lovely barbie hounds it just happened,shit does!!!just a hook in the road….

I bought some lovely carvings the other day,marble and one took three of us to carry,little pricey,but got it for a third of the price from the gallery($2000)gotta love art… fit’s and so what eh???

We just had a lovely Q,same as Ottawa,pot luck and all love the idea,why doen’t anyone think of this???My neighbor across the street has a massage place,really high end but love me and I think all will be too much fun,I need that in life and hope you all will come.We had,of course too much thai food and one pom(english)make sausages,oooh,some spicy and normal,satay,just great,wine,beer,I was into the rum,I think today was too hot for beer ,so,with lot’s of s0oda and lime I just kinda cruised,oh ya’.

Robbie came for a few days and left today(friend from Ottawa)So tonite Noi and I have the place to ourselves(and what am i doing on the computor???trying to keep the blog up)..

so,sorry I’ve been out of touch but I’m really out of town and had a lot of work to get the computor fixed,cost so far hass been $20,amazing how cheap to do stuff,he fixed the ram and didn’t want to charge me,I gave him $2 and he was soo happy.

Love to see you all and signing out for now….


Hmmm,can be very streeful,especially when there is a closing on property.It was to much as it lasted seven days.A friend said they keep it and make the interest,not nice.It happened in Central America when I really needed it and lasted three weeks,I was very fortunate that a lady in the bank in Ottawa and made the problems at least bearable.

You know those telephone voices,sometimes very sweet,well I offered lunch when i would be in the area and she accepted,well,she was stunning and I looked like Rumple Stiltskin,she still went for lunch and that’s that.

Anyhow the transfer went through and so did the closing,on thursday,so,I moved in on friday morning and we have been busy doing general cleaning and the sort,just a wee partying to try the place out and so far it’s a good oner,hehehheh.

This is just a short note in case you thought I gave up,in Bangkok for some shopping and back home in the morning.

So far so good and will touch base soon.

Spell relief….This area in Thailand is the driest and hottest.I was here in November and it was dry,well this is the first rain since before that and it was a soaker,lasted about an hour and did help.Noi and I were at the night market looking at orchids and a puppy for the new home,well,found so many beautiful orchids some the size of a softball down to miniture like a pea.For a hundred dollars you will have lots to look at,that’s the plan.Also found a breeder with Rotwieller pups,check her out on sunday.

The rain,it’s like 40C here and Noi and I stuck in a downpour,she was worried about her phone,i found a safe spot for it,between the crotch seems to stay driest the longest, and we walked and enjoyed the freshness in the air and coolness too.It was also a great excuse to sit at the pub and wait it out,heheheh.

Next month the rain is suposed to come,spring and all.There is a Buddist festival called Songkran(water festival)everyone celebrates this 4 day festival by throwing water at at anyone and everyone,your wrinkled for days.People have homemade water launchers,buckets to elaborate star wars looking things.Oneof the many times  I got into it,there is a photo(I saved it)in the local paper with a garbage pail of water over this poor motorcycle cop,he laughed soo hard he had to get off the bike,i took the garbage pail off and was looking for more water,it’s just a lot of fun and marks the start of rain and season to plant,Anyhow, for more fun stand by.

Also on my last publish I said I was in the east of Bangkok,mistake west on the Burma border.,wanted to clear that up…

Well,it’s been quite a week here,I’m sure much the same where you are.

A big ex-pats’ community over here(Thailand) and another reason to be celebrating.The parties went all night and some of us tried hard but not as good as I used to be.I was floating in the pool trying to get over the pain and no gain…

I’ve been finalizing the house deal,out looking at building a water feature,brought an expert out to get some other angles,the sound of water is calming and worry about wanting to go to the bathroom all the time,hmmm.I’ll give an update as the plan takes shape.I had a big steel double gat built,looks nice,little decorative and buy some plants should do it.

There’s a small village on the river by my house where they have cool bamboo shacks built over the river  to have food and drinks.Well the local delicacies are a bit different from home and I’m game to try.You gotta watch the frog dish,they gring up the frog and hit it with lots of chilles,but be careful as they grind the bones up into and there’s a bit of picking to do.All the food here is spicy and this area(Issan) the people eat anything that moves or moved,bugs,snakes,guts anmd it goes on,hey 10 million people can be all wrong,heheheh.

It’s just a little screw up…I’ve been working on this house deal and the owner is totally cool Aussie and we get on great.Here in thailand land for foreiners works a little different than in the west,here you need a partner and he holds majority,can be scary and many loose.Some and most put it in the girlfriends name and then the relationship goes sour and she kicks the guy out and under thai lay you are f….ed.

Soo,I’m trying to be safe and sometimes people don’t like but I’ve done it  abit different and having a lawyer handle the title,yes it is a woman but a business relationship,rare for me yes but getting older,not necessarily smarter,just down the road once or twice…

So,just trying to shuffle the do$h and move in next friday,can’t wait.Yesterday was out checking on the gates I ordered and pick the color,shit brown like the roof,for now,split gates with ornate metal and a solid bottom,as I am planning my puppies new home and don’t want any forien shit coming in either,he’s almost finished ands will install in 2 days.The owner is paying,there’s an eight foot wall around the perimiter(cement)and a four meter entrance in the front.It’s all very exciting and the place is getting booked out as we speak.Talked to Bronwyn(niece)in Australia,she was wondering what happened to me,well,put my sail up and the wind changed,what can I say.As an investment I’ve done well and coulfd flip and make but think to keep it and consider it cottage price.Anyhow,I plan to go visit Auz in June as I have a list of guests showing up this coming two months.

Real funny,I get this email from friends in Amsterdam visiting friends in New Zealand,they’re looking at travel photos and come across a photo of me with their friends in Vietnam in ’99,too funny,and I remember the day which is another bit of shit.Anyhow they’ll be here in April,really nice people too.So,if any of you are in the hood,check out the River Kwai….

What a pleasure to get out of Bangkok,if you’ve ever been you know what I mean.It’s huge,busy,dirty and a lot of party!!!!!I’m still hung over.Robbie,Pierre and I haven’t been together in a bit so we kinda burnt the candle right out.I get a bit of a rest as they’ll come and check out my new digs and the house warming,the list is getting long,heheheh.

I had a bit of a panic with my bike,first the cabbie couildn’t figure it out then the bus was like no way,it was a tight fit,compartments aren’t the same as in Canada but after A $2 POCKET STUFFER ALL WAS COOL.The roads up here are really good and wish I had of brought my inlines,if anyone is coming over let me know!!!!!I haven’t seen them for sale here yet.

I’ve got one student on the books so no lazing around here and reallly can’t wait to start playing around.

Wow,was that a pain in the ass,literally,my butt,I had to sitt around for 3-4 hours for two days(that’s around 8 total)man glad you only have to do this once.I got my retirement visa and yes I’m getting old,that mean I can be a dirty ol’ man now????Here in Thailand the majic number is 50 not like in Canada so relax..

I’ve run into Robbie&Pierre,friends for some time and we sure tried to make up for lost time,today we’re licking wounds……I’ll hanfg for a couple more days,getting some shirts and pants made up,had a real problem finding sear-sucker material but got some and feelsreal nice,it’s really cool in this heat.A little shopping in the big city then back to the River Kwai and move in my new house,Jeff,the owner is leaving early and fine by me,little house warming about to happen.It’s the perfect “Q” place,heheheh.In Canada we had some fun with thursday nite BBQs’,this is the eastern location,deep east,and your all welcome of course,still pot-luck,already have a gang ready just incase you miss the flight,or the slow boat…

Yes,quite a change from the country.I came in with J.J.(gem guy from the states)to go to the anual gem&jewellery show,it’s the largest in the world and a must for guys’ like me..

The security was so tight,they had mirrors to check under the car(our taxi) and the contents,once you get inside you see why,billions in gems,some of the largest cut precious and semi,it was mind boggling…Even ran into some guys’ I hadn’t seen in a while.

I T’s a three day Buddist holiday,and yesterday it was forbiden to serve alcohol….

Today Noi and family we went up river visiting temples and such..We hired a longtail(skif with car engine and long shaft off the drive of the motor with prop on the end)they go real fast and nice on a hot day,except it reminds me of a hardtail motorcycle,that’s what my tail felt like after three hours flying down the Chao Praya River.Your passing huge barges with raw materials to scap to beer and coke,huge tugs drag them up and down the river,common site.There are also huge taxi boats holding up to a couple hundred to little eight passenger as we had,the paint jobs are quite nice also.

It was a long day and glad to be back on terra-firma,also they don’t drink and pretty flooded on water,I can tast that cold Leo or Heineken now,mmmmm.

Hey,back where there’s computors and the like…Man,what a time,ok ok,I rented a shit box car from an American who owns a bar,we met last year over many beers and the like,he’s from Alaska and owns the Grizzly Bar in Kanchanaburi(mouthful)the river Kwai area.anyhow,rented his car for $15/day,so Dav(Aussie) and the fam we did quite the road trip and he was the best tour guide,and toured for 6 days trying to get lost and did a fine job.Dropped the kids off at a safari type park,went to the mining area,saw some serious rubies and sappires,some were $20,000 for 3 carat size,and that’s at the mine,probably $100,000 in Canada,very nice,also saw some lower quality for $300,same size,multiply by 5,may go back and buy some but think I could do better in Burma.Small towns,ate the foods drank the beers found some ok wines brought some good vodka and on and on…..dav has a great family and stayed out at his farm,quite a blast,saw some beauty landscapes and finally got the tools for downloading photos.Will try to do this today.

I looked at this really nice house,actually a compound with 3 houses,rent to own,$180/month and $50K to own,had all the stuff,air con,sat dish,phone gardens blah blah blah,but woke up with a change of heart.So,not sure what is next but will let you know when I know….It’s so nice and quiet up here ,rivers,waterfalls and a few retards to play with..Ok,some photos are happening and are in upload area,if i had my blog lady here I’d have them nice and arranged,for now bear with me.

Today got a hotel with a pool,Punchy stayed there when we were here in December 06,River Kwai hotel,very nice for $11.Tomorrow I have a meeting(lot’s of beer)with the owner of theses houses,it’s ready to go as of April,looks real good,still see a lawyer before i jump in..

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