Hey,back where there’s computors and the like…Man,what a time,ok ok,I rented a shit box car from an American who owns a bar,we met last year over many beers and the like,he’s from Alaska and owns the Grizzly Bar in Kanchanaburi(mouthful)the river Kwai area.anyhow,rented his car for $15/day,so Dav(Aussie) and the fam we did quite the road trip and he was the best tour guide,and toured for 6 days trying to get lost and did a fine job.Dropped the kids off at a safari type park,went to the mining area,saw some serious rubies and sappires,some were $20,000 for 3 carat size,and that’s at the mine,probably $100,000 in Canada,very nice,also saw some lower quality for $300,same size,multiply by 5,may go back and buy some but think I could do better in Burma.Small towns,ate the foods drank the beers found some ok wines brought some good vodka and on and on…..dav has a great family and stayed out at his farm,quite a blast,saw some beauty landscapes and finally got the tools for downloading photos.Will try to do this today.

I looked at this really nice house,actually a compound with 3 houses,rent to own,$180/month and $50K to own,had all the stuff,air con,sat dish,phone gardens blah blah blah,but woke up with a change of heart.So,not sure what is next but will let you know when I know….It’s so nice and quiet up here ,rivers,waterfalls and a few retards to play with..Ok,some photos are happening and are in upload area,if i had my blog lady here I’d have them nice and arranged,for now bear with me.

Today got a hotel with a pool,Punchy stayed there when we were here in December 06,River Kwai hotel,very nice for $11.Tomorrow I have a meeting(lot’s of beer)with the owner of theses houses,it’s ready to go as of April,looks real good,still see a lawyer before i jump in..