Yes,quite a change from the country.I came in with J.J.(gem guy from the states)to go to the anual gem&jewellery show,it’s the largest in the world and a must for guys’ like me..

The security was so tight,they had mirrors to check under the car(our taxi) and the contents,once you get inside you see why,billions in gems,some of the largest cut precious and semi,it was mind boggling…Even ran into some guys’ I hadn’t seen in a while.

I T’s a three day Buddist holiday,and yesterday it was forbiden to serve alcohol….

Today Noi and family we went up river visiting temples and such..We hired a longtail(skif with car engine and long shaft off the drive of the motor with prop on the end)they go real fast and nice on a hot day,except it reminds me of a hardtail motorcycle,that’s what my tail felt like after three hours flying down the Chao Praya River.Your passing huge barges with raw materials to scap to beer and coke,huge tugs drag them up and down the river,common site.There are also huge taxi boats holding up to a couple hundred to little eight passenger as we had,the paint jobs are quite nice also.

It was a long day and glad to be back on terra-firma,also they don’t drink and pretty flooded on water,I can tast that cold Leo or Heineken now,mmmmm.