What a pleasure to get out of Bangkok,if you’ve ever been you know what I mean.It’s huge,busy,dirty and a lot of party!!!!!I’m still hung over.Robbie,Pierre and I haven’t been together in a bit so we kinda burnt the candle right out.I get a bit of a rest as they’ll come and check out my new digs and the house warming,the list is getting long,heheheh.

I had a bit of a panic with my bike,first the cabbie couildn’t figure it out then the bus was like no way,it was a tight fit,compartments aren’t the same as in Canada but after A $2 POCKET STUFFER ALL WAS COOL.The roads up here are really good and wish I had of brought my inlines,if anyone is coming over let me know!!!!!I haven’t seen them for sale here yet.

I’ve got one student on the books so no lazing around here and reallly can’t wait to start playing around.