It’s just a little screw up…I’ve been working on this house deal and the owner is totally cool Aussie and we get on great.Here in thailand land for foreiners works a little different than in the west,here you need a partner and he holds majority,can be scary and many loose.Some and most put it in the girlfriends name and then the relationship goes sour and she kicks the guy out and under thai lay you are f….ed.

Soo,I’m trying to be safe and sometimes people don’t like but I’ve done it  abit different and having a lawyer handle the title,yes it is a woman but a business relationship,rare for me yes but getting older,not necessarily smarter,just down the road once or twice…

So,just trying to shuffle the do$h and move in next friday,can’t wait.Yesterday was out checking on the gates I ordered and pick the color,shit brown like the roof,for now,split gates with ornate metal and a solid bottom,as I am planning my puppies new home and don’t want any forien shit coming in either,he’s almost finished ands will install in 2 days.The owner is paying,there’s an eight foot wall around the perimiter(cement)and a four meter entrance in the front.It’s all very exciting and the place is getting booked out as we speak.Talked to Bronwyn(niece)in Australia,she was wondering what happened to me,well,put my sail up and the wind changed,what can I say.As an investment I’ve done well and coulfd flip and make but think to keep it and consider it cottage price.Anyhow,I plan to go visit Auz in June as I have a list of guests showing up this coming two months.

Real funny,I get this email from friends in Amsterdam visiting friends in New Zealand,they’re looking at travel photos and come across a photo of me with their friends in Vietnam in ’99,too funny,and I remember the day which is another bit of shit.Anyhow they’ll be here in April,really nice people too.So,if any of you are in the hood,check out the River Kwai….