Well,it’s been quite a week here,I’m sure much the same where you are.

A big ex-pats’ community over here(Thailand) and another reason to be celebrating.The parties went all night and some of us tried hard but not as good as I used to be.I was floating in the pool trying to get over the pain and no gain…

I’ve been finalizing the house deal,out looking at building a water feature,brought an expert out to get some other angles,the sound of water is calming and worry about wanting to go to the bathroom all the time,hmmm.I’ll give an update as the plan takes shape.I had a big steel double gat built,looks nice,little decorative and buy some plants should do it.

There’s a small village on the river by my house where they have cool bamboo shacks built over the river  to have food and drinks.Well the local delicacies are a bit different from home and I’m game to try.You gotta watch the frog dish,they gring up the frog and hit it with lots of chilles,but be careful as they grind the bones up into and there’s a bit of picking to do.All the food here is spicy and this area(Issan) the people eat anything that moves or moved,bugs,snakes,guts anmd it goes on,hey 10 million people can be all wrong,heheheh.