Spell relief….This area in Thailand is the driest and hottest.I was here in November and it was dry,well this is the first rain since before that and it was a soaker,lasted about an hour and did help.Noi and I were at the night market looking at orchids and a puppy for the new home,well,found so many beautiful orchids some the size of a softball down to miniture like a pea.For a hundred dollars you will have lots to look at,that’s the plan.Also found a breeder with Rotwieller pups,check her out on sunday.

The rain,it’s like 40C here and Noi and I stuck in a downpour,she was worried about her phone,i found a safe spot for it,between the crotch seems to stay driest the longest, and we walked and enjoyed the freshness in the air and coolness too.It was also a great excuse to sit at the pub and wait it out,heheheh.

Next month the rain is suposed to come,spring and all.There is a Buddist festival called Songkran(water festival)everyone celebrates this 4 day festival by throwing water at at anyone and everyone,your wrinkled for days.People have homemade water launchers,buckets to elaborate star wars looking things.Oneof the many times  I got into it,there is a photo(I saved it)in the local paper with a garbage pail of water over this poor motorcycle cop,he laughed soo hard he had to get off the bike,i took the garbage pail off and was looking for more water,it’s just a lot of fun and marks the start of rain and season to plant,Anyhow, for more fun stand by.

Also on my last publish I said I was in the east of Bangkok,mistake west on the Burma border.,wanted to clear that up…