Hmmm,can be very streeful,especially when there is a closing on property.It was to much as it lasted seven days.A friend said they keep it and make the interest,not nice.It happened in Central America when I really needed it and lasted three weeks,I was very fortunate that a lady in the bank in Ottawa and made the problems at least bearable.

You know those telephone voices,sometimes very sweet,well I offered lunch when i would be in the area and she accepted,well,she was stunning and I looked like Rumple Stiltskin,she still went for lunch and that’s that.

Anyhow the transfer went through and so did the closing,on thursday,so,I moved in on friday morning and we have been busy doing general cleaning and the sort,just a wee partying to try the place out and so far it’s a good oner,hehehheh.

This is just a short note in case you thought I gave up,in Bangkok for some shopping and back home in the morning.

So far so good and will touch base soon.