heheh.Well finally I’m back.It’s been a bit of a trip but now all is cool.I’ve moved in,had a few Barbies,just to see if it’ll work and man,it’s quite a bit up from the last ones in Canada,no renting and the availabilty and price of stuff makes it a bit of a joke….Like food is so inexpensive,beer and on and on.Have to remember I have soo much room nobody has to drive home,the people,mostly westerners living in thailand are up for new energy and i have a bit left,heheheh.

Right now I have my office set up with air cion,it’s like 40C+ here so that’s nice and high speed is about $30/month.The taxes here just went up and some people are really pissed,It was 5 baht a year and now 6 baht(there’s 30 Baht to the Canadian dollar,heheheh)the Aussie guy i bought it of says all my bills(electric,water,bla bla bla)sahould be no more than $30 a month,gotta love it.I’m busy aLL DAY,,STOP IN THE AFTERNOON,AS USUAL, FOR COCKTAILS AND IN tHAILAND EVCERYTHING IS AROUND FOOD AND IF YOU HAVE EVER EATAN THAI FOOD,MAN IS IT GOOD!!!

Noi is such a good cook,I may grow to the size of guy Keele soon if I don’t watch it,good on ya’ mate!!!

I am looking at buying  a zodiac boat as I am 2 minutes from the river(Kwai,seen the movie?).It’s too cool,they have these bamboo restaurants hanging over the river and go and hang out(eat and drink)and just pleasant to watch the life go by….

The palce came with a mot0r bike(125 scooter)everyone drives them,actually mine is the biggest,lot’s of power,problem was that they drive on the other side of the road,very shy up until today when i finally had the balls to take a road trip,really feels good and hope I don’t get hit by some crazy thai,they are worse drivers than in Ottawa(where is that again,heheh).Still a little shy about the cars as haven’t tried but think about shifting with your left and driving with right on the left side,weird eh????Anyhow my buddy Dav,been here for 14 years and I know him from the 90’s,my neihbor drives me when we have to go on shopping spree(in oZ THEY DRIVE ON THE LEFT  and we rent Vic’s car,he has the Grizzly bar and he’s from Alaska,shoulda never let that real estate go south,hmmmm.

I paid him $15 yesterday to do my running around,not big $$$$.

I just so sorry I moveds so far away,really I wasn’t trying to get away from all you lovely barbie hounds it just happened,shit does!!!just a hook in the road….

I bought some lovely carvings the other day,marble and one took three of us to carry,little pricey,but got it for a third of the price from the gallery($2000)gotta love art…..it fit’s and so what eh???

We just had a lovely Q,same as Ottawa,pot luck and all love the idea,why doen’t anyone think of this???My neighbor across the street has a massage place,really high end but love me and I think all will be too much fun,I need that in life and hope you all will come.We had,of course too much thai food and one pom(english)make sausages,oooh,some spicy and normal,satay,just great,wine,beer,I was into the rum,I think today was too hot for beer ,so,with lot’s of s0oda and lime I just kinda cruised,oh ya’.

Robbie came for a few days and left today(friend from Ottawa)So tonite Noi and I have the place to ourselves(and what am i doing on the computor???trying to keep the blog up)..

so,sorry I’ve been out of touch but I’m really out of town and had a lot of work to get the computor fixed,cost so far hass been $20,amazing how cheap to do stuff,he fixed the ram and didn’t want to charge me,I gave him $2 and he was soo happy.

Love to see you all and signing out for now….