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What a time,something went wrong with my computor so at the time no-one working’all hung over from Songkran but also broke from the time off,so I had to wait for the eagerness come.I really can’t blame them as they work very hard,many every day for basic money to eat and many stay together because of rent.Noi,her sister and brother shared a 10 ft by 10 ft room with added bath,manm,tight living..

I forgot to tell what color thge fence is,turquoise,a light blue,it really show of the plants and trees,was a big job but lucky some friends from Amsterdam came for a visit and worked with me,we did a great job.

Willy and Hilda are friends from Holland,qwuite funny axctuall,we met when I was making gourmet food on a deserted island in the carribean,I would hussle up people through the bars and got well know n for this.So,we would leave the main island and go to a small island(key or Caye) inhabited with many people living over and under the sea,fishing and diving, boat taxi and on and on.I would get food and drink supplies from there and the tourists would wander around and see a different way of life,have some local food and just help their economy.So,after about 40 minute visit were off for Water Caye,a long strech of sand and coconut palms surrounded by the nicest of blue carribean waters.

I cook over a grill and the menu was always fish,lobster,chicken,porkand salads and my jazzed u7p baked potato.We’d spend the day in paradise and then a nice boat ride home before sunset.Anyhow Hilda and Willy,we would send emails and jokes and a couple of phone calls,plan to hook up and you know how life goes.So, a month ago they were travelling and visited friends in New Zealand and one day looking through their travel pics,well,there’s my ugly mug with them in Vietnam about 12 years ago.Hilda sends me an email and have a good laugh and she inquied where and what I was doing,so i told her i retired in Thailand and bought this lovely place,so happens they were coming this way so they came and spent a week here with Noi and I and were so nice and we had so much fun.We painted,varnished, stained partied(of course)and feasted (of course).They are in the hospitality biz,Hilda,manager,willy,chef.Soo,just happens Noi loves italian and Willy prepared spagetti bolognese,garlic bagette and I made a med salad(feta,olives,capers and on…Wine was in there too.

It was 7 days of good time and very sad to see them go……..

Well,I have been busy getting jobs done,evetroughs for all,drywall the smaller house,ready for paint.I plan for blue outside and a yellow inside,brighten this place up!!!I also got 3 lights put in the fountain and is that ever nice.Buried and wires,and today hiresd tiler and had a urinal put in the bamboo house bath,always wanted one.

I made more garden along the front and side wall,really need more????!!!What the hell,may as well get all spruced up so i can do other shit.David weas over for dinner last night and I invited my electric guy,Suchan is the best and neat work.I wanted him to see the place he put together in the night and also treat him,pretty impressed,he says i have such good ideas,I gave him a raise too.

Anzac Day,is a memorial set up by the Austrailian and New Zealand people for all that died building the bridge over the River Kwai,It was attended with about 200 people and 3 of the POW’s.Quite a moving day with lots of beer and cheer after(of course)..

I feel better now that I’m back at the blog,I was jonzing….


What a time had….Imagine,5  day water festival falling on New Year,everywhere people with buckets,pistols and homemade contraptions laughing and partying,just mad.I remember one year i was living in Bangkok and having a ball at this time of year.There’s an area that is one street about 2 blocks long and it’s packed with bars and restaurants and caters mostly to foreingers,Khao San Road,very famous,anyhow this songkran I was right into it,very rinkly after it too.I had this large garbage bucket and this cr5azy police on motorbike thought he could get through but I was there…stopped by the crowds I moved in and had the bucket over his the upper portion of his body,I pulled it off him and he was crying with laughter more people took the cue and did hiom some more,what a blast,all the people enjoy.Funny,the next day all was finished,oh yeah,they throw talc powder as well,and this military guy I drank with show’s up with the newspaper and there’s me with the bgucket over the cops’ head,we had a good laugh and I still have the paper…

You also can’t get any work done,have top wait till it’s all over and everyone is broke,then they come back.I was getting a little anxcious to get started with the painting as I bought 30 gallons(120 litres)of paint for the wall project,2 guys who came by weren’t interested with the big job so after that I said fuck it and I’ll do it,I painted commerciually for years.So,off I go and what a job,I plan to measure it as there’s a lot of wall,I was thinking when they built the “Great Wall of China”they must of been happy they didn’t have to paint it too…..

Sorry about that I got off on a tangent,not rare….The afternoon was full of laughter and foods,of course,a new friend,Laurence,man my spelling is BAD!!!Anyway,he lives here from England,I’d say about 34 yr. and building a life,house lady,baby and also makes sausages.Anyone who made the “Q” in Canada ate some of Laureens’ sausages,so it’s quite nice how all is flowing along…He brought a s always sausages and brought a new one,Lanchestire something with hot mustard/kikkoman soy and meat pies,nice change from great thai food.I had  loads of crabs and our first mangos off our trees,som tam which is usually made with a base of green papaya,I really like the mango version.

Anyhow,it went on and on and finally crawled to bed with a big smile….

Ahh,been going really well,this week is starting the New Year here,so,everyone is finishing up jobs(to get paid)as the country grinds to a halt and starts to party.There will be water and talc powder thrown about for days,it’s really quite fun and the weather is hot enough for it…

I got the power fixed,updated,put stronger bulbs in for my night lights,have to get a submersable for the fountain.Too funny,yesterday we’re all around,Irish John and hi s Japanese wife Nikita came from Bangkok to spend Sonkran(new year) with us and a gang were already started,well,the kids(Teya&Kita)they’re about 2-3 yr oldstarted playing around the fountain having fun,I decided to pu them in it,it was so funny,they were having a ball splashing and playing around,a good laugh,taking photos but my digital gave it up,bad timing….

I had a painter come over to price the job,paint the fence,2 houses inside and out,you could see it in his eyes,he bailed was too much for him,work on another one.I got screens made for the 2 cement houses and iron grills remade,extras security and all,looking very stylish.

I feel so good out here,I’m in rural thailand and the people are so  friendly,not like big tourist areas where they get a bit hardened,much like any other destination in the world.Funny,Kita is from deep in the country and when she first came had never seen anyone from outside thailand,she was very afraid of me,took a couple of days and she is smiling ever so much,bought here some cartoon DVD and some coloring books and that stuff,she doen’t want to leave and we will miss her but I said it’s only a holiday and we alkl have our homes to go to,tough love!!!

i trhink my favourite food is Thai and I think I live with the best Thai chef,we shop and Noi prepares my fav,simply Thai,gotta love it.I bought a couple of cases of wine made by an ex-pat that lives here and it’s quite good,you can also buy wines from everywhere else.

I got  atruckful of soil delivered more gardens on the way,justt what I need,more watering,do have sprinklers and all that but still have to be on it.Noi found that we have rare mushrooms growing.I buy fresh shitake mushrooms for roughly .60cents a kilo and she says these would be about $13,can’t wait to try them,heheheh.

Lawrence showed up today with my order of home made sausages(linceshire) and individual meat pies that he makes and sells to restaurants and bars,quite lovely as he brought samples to the “Q”.

Another beauty of a day and waking up to the monster fountain,man it’s big at around 8 feet ++,lot’s of sound from water falling,just perfect…so now,all around town the ex-pats’ have told about this beauty of a site,one friend JJ he calls my place the Palace,too much,we’re all having fun,and what else is there????

So yesterday morning I’m doing the rounds,watering checking stuuf and go out to the front gate and just happened to look down and there is this lovely green snake leaving also,about 4 feet long and thin like a pencil,beautiful but not sure what’s head was like diagonal and bright green,not to take a chance across the road I have been piling up brush to burn and grabbed a long limb and went for the snake,not to kill but to get him the hell out of my area,well,a bit of a thing but he tried to go in a hole in the wall where my water pipes go through,I wasn’t having any of it and got him just as he was trying to get through and withg the stick gave him a throw into the field and was a bit happier for that…Well,talking to my neighbor about it and he said that that was a deadly viper!!!!!anyhow,cemented up the hol;e in the wall and will keep watching……..

I fially had the family come to see me and have a visit,we have Mama,2 brothers,one sister and a little girl.Here people take care if other families cannot,the little girl comes from poorer than they.It has been real nice,very happy people,they came 8 hours from Kalasin(deep country in Issan,they are more Lao than thai and Noi’s family farm fish and pigs.Everything In Thailand is around food and it starts early in the day and goes and goes.Crabs,frogs,birds and all kind of curries and my favorite salad(soom tam,green papaya,tomatoe and lots of chillies)
Everyone pitched in with gardening and real helpful.I’m gonna miss them as a lot of sign language,but Noi is real good with translating,lot’s of fun like playing sharades(sp?).
I hired a guy to change my electricity and put night lights in,well,what a job,real propfessional and not a slacker,buried all the wires,put in lights for the trees at night,extra plugs on the wall and put heavier wire to the main as what was here was too light(pun),so all went well and have some nice additions to an already beautiful place.I also had an outlet put in the middle of the lawn for my water feature/fountain,so,friday as all was finishing I went off with brother in-law and sussed out a fountain.We were all over the place and I had one in mind and couldn’t find it,and not being able to express oneself with language sharades gets old…I finally got a pen and paper and drew what I thought and the man immediately new what I ment and sent us up the road,his wife with a big smile had exactly the thing,an 8 foot beauty,it’s like those you see in the EU,like 5 bowls with water going from the top and drip into the next,pretty big though,finished with small stone in a brown color for $1000,I got it for $940,gave a $30 deposit and adrress and she promisedf to deliver next morning.Well,all by hand 1/2 dozen thais’,flip flops and boards and steel rollers got this massive fountain placed on my lawn and water started to flow,the base would be a big jacuzzi back home,hold about 8,massive.That was yesterday and we had to have our “Q”,and all enjoyed and got a bit tipsy……….
It’s quiet here today,just getting going,only Mama and little girl here,all the chatter of brothers and sister is missing, we all wait for Papa to come from Kalasin and meet for a bit.Apparently he’s a bit of a piss-head,so should be a lot of fun,heheheh…Gotta do some chores but nice to have the blog running…..

Man oh man.It’s been days since I could get on the site,I think it has to be the computor,will get it checked out.We’ve been real busy here and things are getting done.First,I have Nois’ family in from Kalasin(middle of nowhere!!)so five showed up and it’s all very lovely,sister Nit birthday and last night we had a lovely BBQ under the stars,people are so very happy(country people) there was a lot of laughing and thai music which is very sing song and nice beat.

I’m doing good with the driving now,go to town even with Noi on the back.The bikes are only 100-125CC,not big but when that’s all there is it feels pretty good .Into Kanchanaburi is about 10 hard and fast minutes,you have to anticipaite and be very alert as they will come out of nowhere and gop in any direction,catch my drift????I don’t think drinking and driving will work for me….

Jobs!!!Re-wire,I finally got a great electric guy,first,he has a computor shop/mister fix it,I took my blender and toaster oven and small light fixtures to be repaired and job done.I mentioned about my light project and he jumped on board,well,some of the best work I’ve seen in a third or up and coming society.Anyhow,indirect lighting and uiped the power and wires coming onto the property and buried all the wireslooking too cool and had power pout in where my waterfall/feature will be,Dav and I are going today and I can hardly wait.Soon I hope to have photos for you all ,just not together and words tell a million photos,or something like that..It’;s so nice to be blogging again,junkies never die!!!!!!

I’ve heard some really good news that makes me sooo happy,since I left Canada a friend of mine has lost 10 lbs. and he thinks it’s because of the lack of thursday nights(BBQ)so I think it’s a great thing I left,good on ya’ Guy!!!!

Here it’s turning out that saturday is the new Q nite, so be it and the gang here is fun too.

I had some news from home an old friend(50)passed on,it had been a real hard life and I spent some of the early days with and doing it.He was a great man and hope will be missed by many,as I write I take a break and have a breath,Al Leger was special and I shed a tear for a solid friend………………..

Friday market,up the road some klics is a one day a week market,food,clothes animals,plants and on,the girls left around 6:30am,get some food as life here and there revolves around it.I have a treat,really large crab claws I got in Bangkok,so,tonight we have a thai party  and eat and laugh too much.Yesterdfay I went town to get some things,gotta love it,shitake mushrooms,.60 cents/kilo,I’m in heaven!!!!!

Today I take the family for lunch on the river Kwai,they have these lovely bamboo shacks/restaurants hanginging over the river,we’ll eat and have a time as we watch all the children play swimming and tubing,the current is so strong they have boats to take you up stream and let you ride down,totally cool and the water is clear clear….

It’s friday in this part of the world and hope you are all winding down and ready for the weekend.

Love and Laughter,


Wow..well,finally got the perifials done,ie:phone lines,internet,fix computor and work on the gardens…I have 2 Burmese working for me now,had them do a major clean-up,rake clean,take out stumps and now it can be manageable,have them come once a week,I’m paying for 2 labourers,7am-5pm, $13 a day for the both,so not tooo bad….boy can they work,I had this one guy digging out tree trunks by hand,I felt so bad I brought him water,coke,ice and he just put it beside him and kept on,wild!!!
All is looking much better from too much neglect,you have top water daily as it is really warm.We’re on it.We had a great visit today from som buds’ and had frogs and Tom Yam(thai soup in coconut milk and just too good,with a few beers of couse as it is the real beer drinking weather.
I’ve got to up date the power here,need more amps!!!

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