Wow..well,finally got the perifials done,ie:phone lines,internet,fix computor and work on the gardens…I have 2 Burmese working for me now,had them do a major clean-up,rake clean,take out stumps and now it can be manageable,have them come once a week,I’m paying for 2 labourers,7am-5pm, $13 a day for the both,so not tooo bad….boy can they work,I had this one guy digging out tree trunks by hand,I felt so bad I brought him water,coke,ice and he just put it beside him and kept on,wild!!!
All is looking much better from too much neglect,you have top water daily as it is really warm.We’re on it.We had a great visit today from som buds’ and had frogs and Tom Yam(thai soup in coconut milk and just too good,with a few beers of couse as it is the real beer drinking weather.
I’ve got to up date the power here,need more amps!!!