Man oh man.It’s been days since I could get on the site,I think it has to be the computor,will get it checked out.We’ve been real busy here and things are getting done.First,I have Nois’ family in from Kalasin(middle of nowhere!!)so five showed up and it’s all very lovely,sister Nit birthday and last night we had a lovely BBQ under the stars,people are so very happy(country people) there was a lot of laughing and thai music which is very sing song and nice beat.

I’m doing good with the driving now,go to town even with Noi on the back.The bikes are only 100-125CC,not big but when that’s all there is it feels pretty good .Into Kanchanaburi is about 10 hard and fast minutes,you have to anticipaite and be very alert as they will come out of nowhere and gop in any direction,catch my drift????I don’t think drinking and driving will work for me….

Jobs!!!Re-wire,I finally got a great electric guy,first,he has a computor shop/mister fix it,I took my blender and toaster oven and small light fixtures to be repaired and job done.I mentioned about my light project and he jumped on board,well,some of the best work I’ve seen in a third or up and coming society.Anyhow,indirect lighting and uiped the power and wires coming onto the property and buried all the wireslooking too cool and had power pout in where my waterfall/feature will be,Dav and I are going today and I can hardly wait.Soon I hope to have photos for you all ,just not together and words tell a million photos,or something like that..It’;s so nice to be blogging again,junkies never die!!!!!!

I’ve heard some really good news that makes me sooo happy,since I left Canada a friend of mine has lost 10 lbs. and he thinks it’s because of the lack of thursday nights(BBQ)so I think it’s a great thing I left,good on ya’ Guy!!!!

Here it’s turning out that saturday is the new Q nite, so be it and the gang here is fun too.

I had some news from home an old friend(50)passed on,it had been a real hard life and I spent some of the early days with and doing it.He was a great man and hope will be missed by many,as I write I take a break and have a breath,Al Leger was special and I shed a tear for a solid friend………………..

Friday market,up the road some klics is a one day a week market,food,clothes animals,plants and on,the girls left around 6:30am,get some food as life here and there revolves around it.I have a treat,really large crab claws I got in Bangkok,so,tonight we have a thai party  and eat and laugh too much.Yesterdfay I went town to get some things,gotta love it,shitake mushrooms,.60 cents/kilo,I’m in heaven!!!!!

Today I take the family for lunch on the river Kwai,they have these lovely bamboo shacks/restaurants hanginging over the river,we’ll eat and have a time as we watch all the children play swimming and tubing,the current is so strong they have boats to take you up stream and let you ride down,totally cool and the water is clear clear….

It’s friday in this part of the world and hope you are all winding down and ready for the weekend.

Love and Laughter,