I fially had the family come to see me and have a visit,we have Mama,2 brothers,one sister and a little girl.Here people take care if other families cannot,the little girl comes from poorer than they.It has been real nice,very happy people,they came 8 hours from Kalasin(deep country in Issan,they are more Lao than thai and Noi’s family farm fish and pigs.Everything In Thailand is around food and it starts early in the day and goes and goes.Crabs,frogs,birds and all kind of curries and my favorite salad(soom tam,green papaya,tomatoe and lots of chillies)
Everyone pitched in with gardening and real helpful.I’m gonna miss them as a lot of sign language,but Noi is real good with translating,lot’s of fun like playing sharades(sp?).
I hired a guy to change my electricity and put night lights in,well,what a job,real propfessional and not a slacker,buried all the wires,put in lights for the trees at night,extra plugs on the wall and put heavier wire to the main as what was here was too light(pun),so all went well and have some nice additions to an already beautiful place.I also had an outlet put in the middle of the lawn for my water feature/fountain,so,friday as all was finishing I went off with brother in-law and sussed out a fountain.We were all over the place and I had one in mind and couldn’t find it,and not being able to express oneself with language sharades gets old…I finally got a pen and paper and drew what I thought and the man immediately new what I ment and sent us up the road,his wife with a big smile had exactly the thing,an 8 foot beauty,it’s like those you see in the EU,like 5 bowls with water going from the top and drip into the next,pretty big though,finished with small stone in a brown color for $1000,I got it for $940,gave a $30 deposit and adrress and she promisedf to deliver next morning.Well,all by hand 1/2 dozen thais’,flip flops and boards and steel rollers got this massive fountain placed on my lawn and water started to flow,the base would be a big jacuzzi back home,hold about 8,massive.That was yesterday and we had to have our “Q”,and all enjoyed and got a bit tipsy……….
It’s quiet here today,just getting going,only Mama and little girl here,all the chatter of brothers and sister is missing, we all wait for Papa to come from Kalasin and meet for a bit.Apparently he’s a bit of a piss-head,so should be a lot of fun,heheheh…Gotta do some chores but nice to have the blog running…..