Another beauty of a day and waking up to the monster fountain,man it’s big at around 8 feet ++,lot’s of sound from water falling,just perfect…so now,all around town the ex-pats’ have told about this beauty of a site,one friend JJ he calls my place the Palace,too much,we’re all having fun,and what else is there????

So yesterday morning I’m doing the rounds,watering checking stuuf and go out to the front gate and just happened to look down and there is this lovely green snake leaving also,about 4 feet long and thin like a pencil,beautiful but not sure what’s head was like diagonal and bright green,not to take a chance across the road I have been piling up brush to burn and grabbed a long limb and went for the snake,not to kill but to get him the hell out of my area,well,a bit of a thing but he tried to go in a hole in the wall where my water pipes go through,I wasn’t having any of it and got him just as he was trying to get through and withg the stick gave him a throw into the field and was a bit happier for that…Well,talking to my neighbor about it and he said that that was a deadly viper!!!!!anyhow,cemented up the hol;e in the wall and will keep watching……..