Ahh,been going really well,this week is starting the New Year here,so,everyone is finishing up jobs(to get paid)as the country grinds to a halt and starts to party.There will be water and talc powder thrown about for days,it’s really quite fun and the weather is hot enough for it…

I got the power fixed,updated,put stronger bulbs in for my night lights,have to get a submersable for the fountain.Too funny,yesterday we’re all around,Irish John and hi s Japanese wife Nikita came from Bangkok to spend Sonkran(new year) with us and a gang were already started,well,the kids(Teya&Kita)they’re about 2-3 yr oldstarted playing around the fountain having fun,I decided to pu them in it,it was so funny,they were having a ball splashing and playing around,a good laugh,taking photos but my digital gave it up,bad timing….

I had a painter come over to price the job,paint the fence,2 houses inside and out,you could see it in his eyes,he bailed was too much for him,work on another one.I got screens made for the 2 cement houses and iron grills remade,extras security and all,looking very stylish.

I feel so good out here,I’m in rural thailand and the people are so  friendly,not like big tourist areas where they get a bit hardened,much like any other destination in the world.Funny,Kita is from deep in the country and when she first came had never seen anyone from outside thailand,she was very afraid of me,took a couple of days and she is smiling ever so much,bought here some cartoon DVD and some coloring books and that stuff,she doen’t want to leave and we will miss her but I said it’s only a holiday and we alkl have our homes to go to,tough love!!!

i trhink my favourite food is Thai and I think I live with the best Thai chef,we shop and Noi prepares my fav,simply Thai,gotta love it.I bought a couple of cases of wine made by an ex-pat that lives here and it’s quite good,you can also buy wines from everywhere else.

I got  atruckful of soil delivered more gardens on the way,justt what I need,more watering,do have sprinklers and all that but still have to be on it.Noi found that we have rare mushrooms growing.I buy fresh shitake mushrooms for roughly .60cents a kilo and she says these would be about $13,can’t wait to try them,heheheh.

Lawrence showed up today with my order of home made sausages(linceshire) and individual meat pies that he makes and sells to restaurants and bars,quite lovely as he brought samples to the “Q”.