Sorry about that I got off on a tangent,not rare….The afternoon was full of laughter and foods,of course,a new friend,Laurence,man my spelling is BAD!!!Anyway,he lives here from England,I’d say about 34 yr. and building a life,house lady,baby and also makes sausages.Anyone who made the “Q” in Canada ate some of Laureens’ sausages,so it’s quite nice how all is flowing along…He brought a s always sausages and brought a new one,Lanchestire something with hot mustard/kikkoman soy and meat pies,nice change from great thai food.I had  loads of crabs and our first mangos off our trees,som tam which is usually made with a base of green papaya,I really like the mango version.

Anyhow,it went on and on and finally crawled to bed with a big smile….