What a time,something went wrong with my computor so at the time no-one working’all hung over from Songkran but also broke from the time off,so I had to wait for the eagerness come.I really can’t blame them as they work very hard,many every day for basic money to eat and many stay together because of rent.Noi,her sister and brother shared a 10 ft by 10 ft room with added bath,manm,tight living..

I forgot to tell what color thge fence is,turquoise,a light blue,it really show of the plants and trees,was a big job but lucky some friends from Amsterdam came for a visit and worked with me,we did a great job.

Willy and Hilda are friends from Holland,qwuite funny axctuall,we met when I was making gourmet food on a deserted island in the carribean,I would hussle up people through the bars and got well know n for this.So,we would leave the main island and go to a small island(key or Caye) inhabited with many people living over and under the sea,fishing and diving, boat taxi and on and on.I would get food and drink supplies from there and the tourists would wander around and see a different way of life,have some local food and just help their economy.So,after about 40 minute visit were off for Water Caye,a long strech of sand and coconut palms surrounded by the nicest of blue carribean waters.

I cook over a grill and the menu was always fish,lobster,chicken,porkand salads and my jazzed u7p baked potato.We’d spend the day in paradise and then a nice boat ride home before sunset.Anyhow Hilda and Willy,we would send emails and jokes and a couple of phone calls,plan to hook up and you know how life goes.So, a month ago they were travelling and visited friends in New Zealand and one day looking through their travel pics,well,there’s my ugly mug with them in Vietnam about 12 years ago.Hilda sends me an email and have a good laugh and she inquied where and what I was doing,so i told her i retired in Thailand and bought this lovely place,so happens they were coming this way so they came and spent a week here with Noi and I and were so nice and we had so much fun.We painted,varnished, stained partied(of course)and feasted (of course).They are in the hospitality biz,Hilda,manager,willy,chef.Soo,just happens Noi loves italian and Willy prepared spagetti bolognese,garlic bagette and I made a med salad(feta,olives,capers and on…Wine was in there too.

It was 7 days of good time and very sad to see them go……..

Well,I have been busy getting jobs done,evetroughs for all,drywall the smaller house,ready for paint.I plan for blue outside and a yellow inside,brighten this place up!!!I also got 3 lights put in the fountain and is that ever nice.Buried and wires,and today hiresd tiler and had a urinal put in the bamboo house bath,always wanted one.

I made more garden along the front and side wall,really need more????!!!What the hell,may as well get all spruced up so i can do other shit.David weas over for dinner last night and I invited my electric guy,Suchan is the best and neat work.I wanted him to see the place he put together in the night and also treat him,pretty impressed,he says i have such good ideas,I gave him a raise too.

Anzac Day,is a memorial set up by the Austrailian and New Zealand people for all that died building the bridge over the River Kwai,It was attended with about 200 people and 3 of the POW’s.Quite a moving day with lots of beer and cheer after(of course)..

I feel better now that I’m back at the blog,I was jonzing….