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What a trip….Noi and I went trying,operative word,to get the insurance on the bike renewed,turns out everyone is soo helpful for directions,the damn company isn’t even in this city,bit of stress, communication break down!!!!!

My good friend Curly(Mom)she is the person to know,she has her fingers in everything,also wrote up my propertyu deal and has her name on my place,very trustworthy,many ex-pats in the area use her too.Anyhow called her up and she arranged for a company to handle it.What a difference here,I go for the appointment and they ask for my keys then the girl is gone,well,the manager then starts feeding me different types of mandarins and chit chat,after about an hour the bike is back,what they do here is have it checked out mechanically,and if it’s legal,bla bla bla,very impressive,I told her much different from Canadas’ system,wakie wakie.

Kinda glad to get out of the house as the digging is going on and the place looks like renos are on!!!shit!!!

A solution to water flooding,wasn’t done when they built the wall,how ironic,the owner is a cement guy,but the thing is here,you have to be on them or they do what they like.Yesterday the truck came in with these cement rings,1 meter diameter and 1/2 meter high,24 in all,massive shit,anyhow i told them where to put them and when i came back ,now only a few minutes went by, but I am getting the hang of this,they had them all over the place,after a couple of semi-polite jestures we had them where i want……I’ve hired this Burmese guy,he took tree stumps out when I first moved in,I had one tree right against the wall where we need to work on so out it must go,I’m in the garage getting proper tree cutting saws and large ladder,come backl out and the guy is up the tree with his little machete,bare foot and all,oh by the way,he’s over 60….He had that tree(30 feet high and 10 inch diameter at the base)out before lunch,roots included..Ok then,next,I stakedd out an area about12 feet long,4 feet wide and 6 feet deep to be dug,man he’s good,has his pipe in his mouth and with a hoe he’ll be done by the time I finish here,just wild….I ply them with coca cola and lots of ice water,they’re doin’ fine.It’s amazing when you have people come to work,they can’t believe it’s a private home for 2 people,most live in places smaller than my main bath…..

We also have had to move alot of plants we just put in but hey,if that’s as hard life is,we’re ok….

The dogs are over their massiv escolding,they wont leave the plants alone and we put so much time in,it’s everyday,kids!!!!


Man,what a thing!!!!I’ve been talking to text support,Suzan in Canada even…anyhow,the thais’ told me yesterday if my internet is working,, they’re happy and so should I…hmmm,sounds like get fucked…,here I am driving into the city to an internet cafe,the joys…..Ok,since the beach we’ve been chillin’,ernjoying the fruits of our labour and it feels real good.I bought a motorcycle and freezer and fridge with glass door,a bar was closing,good timing.Noi buys all these weeds and shit to cook with and the fridges aren’t designed with her in mind,she just jams everything in then when it’s time to cook,she sits on the floor with the fridge door open and slowly goes through everything,like it’s 40C in the shade and anyway you can’t change people or get too excited,especially over here,so,i got a fridge she can look into,what do you think,and also she was encraoching on my beer fridge which is a big no-no…..The extra bike is ok and for friends or guests,could even rent it ,we’ll see.My buddy Vic is back to the states and was over making the deal last night over many beers and rum,he came back this morning to check on what we did..

I had to kill another viper today,so Jerry,it’s not the same one!!!A few bangs with a bamboo pole and it’s game over,I’m glad these aren’t the jumping variety.I feel bad because they’re too small to eat,I don’t mind killing if you eat it…..

I got my ticket lined up to leave here on the 3rd of july and beat the yankee holiday,it’s gotta be done but would rather stay here.Vic and I are taking the girls to PiPi Island,where the stunami hit,hopeful for better luck,we go before the end of june and should be fun.

I got this Skype set up on my computor,internet phone,and does it ever work good,wish the blog was like that.

A big weekend planned,a bunch from Bangkok arrive and it will be lot’s of food drinks and merryment,will have some good news after that.All in all it’s back to the country and chilll.

having a real problem logging on and hold and will get it fixed,miss writing and lot’s is happening so get back here soon.The weather is great,the renos are dojne and now just doing fine cleaning and touch up paint,and really,just enjoying this palce and Noi and our lovely dogs.

I had to kill a vipr the other day,too much,we got some overhanging trees cut as not to help the creepy crawlers any more han necessary….

I plan to come for the blues fest in Canada in July,have  couple of weeks with friend and foe and ship my stuff back here to set-up shop.I have gallery people ready and an planning to turn the place into a B&B and art place,see what happens in the near future….I bought a generator just incase we have soething like an ice storm and have  freezer coming thiw week as i found a piece of ocean not far away(2 1/2 hours)so it’s off in a couple of weeks to fill up th freezer with the bounty of the sea.We got snapper and all  kind of stuff,too good.

I got Noi a new sewing machine and a new bright pink bike,all s well and we have our hobbies.

Had a killer dinner party last night with all kinds of great people and food.I bought this sculpture which was selling for $6ooo,through a friend go it for $2000,anyhow last night the guy who made it came for dinner,nice…

In town getting wine as we ar invited to dinner and tomorrow is my BBQ day…

Glad to be kinda back.

bear and blackieWell,we decided that today would be a no work day.All the contracters are finished and Yai(brother Noi)and i will finish the painting hopefully soon,were upto 40 gallons of paint and i am getting sick of it.The angles on the eaves of the hopuses is like an “A” frame so you can imagine getting up inside painting in this heat,not the best.Had a good one,the porch area the cieling is about 20 feet,looked and looked for a scaffold,well,it was rickity,anyhow,I’m way up there and brother says turn the fan off,but so hot I said when I move it,well. forgot to turn the fan off and got clipped on the fore arm,nice divot for you golfers out there,six stiches at the clinic and what  a honey the doctor,i told her too….and went back to work…

So,holiday morning there’s this honking at the gate,we’re just getting up after a bit of wine the night before,still with me,and it’s Nois’ brother with friends at 6 in the morning.He manages a club/disco in Bangkok and has showed up with friends and their on a party,I figure 2 hour drive from Bangkok puts themn leaving the club around 4 am.So,it’s brother,2 rich looking thai bachelors and a movie star(thailand)and another lady’s like let’s go to the market,so off we go,buy deer,they farm it here,and about 10 kilos of the biggest shrimp,and all the salad fixings,Som Tam(papaya salad).

The “Q” was going and we had a feast around mid-morning,I even called in recruits….After all that everyone kinda laid back and szoozed and then split in a bout 2 hours,it was ao much fun…

So,I’m just waiting for Matt to pick us up and off to Hue Hin, a few hours away on the beach,some chill timne and listen to the waves,been awhile and with all the work we need a change.

All in all it was quite the job,all this reno and updating.It was a real experince dealing with these people.It’s hard to raise your temper,they don’;t go for it,I started to chew out the electric guy and he was bummed out after and i got shit from Noi,different way of dealing with problems I still have sa problem with,always learning.I’m real happy with the new tile work,brightens it up,there was too much black and in the showerarea looks shitty…the urinals are great,a must in a beer drinking group…off to the beach…

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Viper and lizardfountain and painted walli can’;t believe it,i finally figured out how to put on pics!!!!!!Check my paint job and the killer fountain..A tipical looking day around here,hot,breezy and did i mention hot,the other day it was 43C in the shade and with the rains the ohter night it dropped to 24C,bit of a chill,brrr.

Se the green viper with the lizard half in??I was watering some flowers when I saw the back of him,it’s the same type i had before.Willy and Hilda were here so they brought the camera and got a few shots before I let him go,one bite,they are a deadly snake.I just hurle him in the sugarcane feild across from mwe,funny though when I sent hiim flying the lizard flew out too,he must of been pissed,lunch on the run!!

It’s been a long 5 weeks,litteraly been at it every day and just getting the final big stuff done i can finnish my painting without being all over the place.You have to keep up and see the progress goes the way you like..I had the washrooms re-tiled,3 full baths,so,they were here for 6 days and the sound of grinders has finally left and the dust too.A great job,even brought a crew in to clean yesterday.I go on sunday afternoons to Pete’s fish farm and have a few with the boys.A tourney yesterday and when i left Ek had caught the one,2.9 kilos,a $1.50 prize….Anyhow,when I got back the place was right tidy.

The paint is almost done and I am putting in force a no work time!!!Maybe take a holiday and enjoy the hammocks.We bought a truckload of plants,just what I need,more palnts and the veggie garden is taking off.Noi loves it  and mad about flowers,I encourage.

The paint has been a hit with the locals,bright blue outside and pastel green in,very sharp.

Man,it’s been 5 weeks here and getting close to finish with the crews here and all that,get it done…I tried the blue paint on a wall of the house,it’s enamel acrylic,very head rush,Nois’ brother told me to stop for the day,tomorrow an tother wall or two…I’ve got the tiler guys’ here on mass 7 of them with a lady who mixes all the cemenbt,good ethics.I’ll get into it tomorrow,just happened to remeber the email was on and thought to post..I bought this soft green for inside,heheheheh…..

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