It’s been a long 5 weeks,litteraly been at it every day and just getting the final big stuff done i can finnish my painting without being all over the place.You have to keep up and see the progress goes the way you like..I had the washrooms re-tiled,3 full baths,so,they were here for 6 days and the sound of grinders has finally left and the dust too.A great job,even brought a crew in to clean yesterday.I go on sunday afternoons to Pete’s fish farm and have a few with the boys.A tourney yesterday and when i left Ek had caught the one,2.9 kilos,a $1.50 prize….Anyhow,when I got back the place was right tidy.

The paint is almost done and I am putting in force a no work time!!!Maybe take a holiday and enjoy the hammocks.We bought a truckload of plants,just what I need,more palnts and the veggie garden is taking off.Noi loves it  and mad about flowers,I encourage.

The paint has been a hit with the locals,bright blue outside and pastel green in,very sharp.