Viper and lizardfountain and painted walli can’;t believe it,i finally figured out how to put on pics!!!!!!Check my paint job and the killer fountain..A tipical looking day around here,hot,breezy and did i mention hot,the other day it was 43C in the shade and with the rains the ohter night it dropped to 24C,bit of a chill,brrr.

Se the green viper with the lizard half in??I was watering some flowers when I saw the back of him,it’s the same type i had before.Willy and Hilda were here so they brought the camera and got a few shots before I let him go,one bite,they are a deadly snake.I just hurle him in the sugarcane feild across from mwe,funny though when I sent hiim flying the lizard flew out too,he must of been pissed,lunch on the run!!