Man,what a thing!!!!I’ve been talking to text support,Suzan in Canada even…anyhow,the thais’ told me yesterday if my internet is working,, they’re happy and so should I…hmmm,sounds like get fucked…,here I am driving into the city to an internet cafe,the joys…..Ok,since the beach we’ve been chillin’,ernjoying the fruits of our labour and it feels real good.I bought a motorcycle and freezer and fridge with glass door,a bar was closing,good timing.Noi buys all these weeds and shit to cook with and the fridges aren’t designed with her in mind,she just jams everything in then when it’s time to cook,she sits on the floor with the fridge door open and slowly goes through everything,like it’s 40C in the shade and anyway you can’t change people or get too excited,especially over here,so,i got a fridge she can look into,what do you think,and also she was encraoching on my beer fridge which is a big no-no…..The extra bike is ok and for friends or guests,could even rent it ,we’ll see.My buddy Vic is back to the states and was over making the deal last night over many beers and rum,he came back this morning to check on what we did..

I had to kill another viper today,so Jerry,it’s not the same one!!!A few bangs with a bamboo pole and it’s game over,I’m glad these aren’t the jumping variety.I feel bad because they’re too small to eat,I don’t mind killing if you eat it…..

I got my ticket lined up to leave here on the 3rd of july and beat the yankee holiday,it’s gotta be done but would rather stay here.Vic and I are taking the girls to PiPi Island,where the stunami hit,hopeful for better luck,we go before the end of june and should be fun.

I got this Skype set up on my computor,internet phone,and does it ever work good,wish the blog was like that.

A big weekend planned,a bunch from Bangkok arrive and it will be lot’s of food drinks and merryment,will have some good news after that.All in all it’s back to the country and chilll.