What a trip….Noi and I went trying,operative word,to get the insurance on the bike renewed,turns out everyone is soo helpful for directions,the damn company isn’t even in this city,bit of stress, communication break down!!!!!

My good friend Curly(Mom)she is the person to know,she has her fingers in everything,also wrote up my propertyu deal and has her name on my place,very trustworthy,many ex-pats in the area use her too.Anyhow called her up and she arranged for a company to handle it.What a difference here,I go for the appointment and they ask for my keys then the girl is gone,well,the manager then starts feeding me different types of mandarins and chit chat,after about an hour the bike is back,what they do here is have it checked out mechanically,and if it’s legal,bla bla bla,very impressive,I told her much different from Canadas’ system,wakie wakie.

Kinda glad to get out of the house as the digging is going on and the place looks like renos are on!!!shit!!!

A solution to water flooding,wasn’t done when they built the wall,how ironic,the owner is a cement guy,but the thing is here,you have to be on them or they do what they like.Yesterday the truck came in with these cement rings,1 meter diameter and 1/2 meter high,24 in all,massive shit,anyhow i told them where to put them and when i came back ,now only a few minutes went by, but I am getting the hang of this,they had them all over the place,after a couple of semi-polite jestures we had them where i want……I’ve hired this Burmese guy,he took tree stumps out when I first moved in,I had one tree right against the wall where we need to work on so out it must go,I’m in the garage getting proper tree cutting saws and large ladder,come backl out and the guy is up the tree with his little machete,bare foot and all,oh by the way,he’s over 60….He had that tree(30 feet high and 10 inch diameter at the base)out before lunch,roots included..Ok then,next,I stakedd out an area about12 feet long,4 feet wide and 6 feet deep to be dug,man he’s good,has his pipe in his mouth and with a hoe he’ll be done by the time I finish here,just wild….I ply them with coca cola and lots of ice water,they’re doin’ fine.It’s amazing when you have people come to work,they can’t believe it’s a private home for 2 people,most live in places smaller than my main bath…..

We also have had to move alot of plants we just put in but hey,if that’s as hard life is,we’re ok….

The dogs are over their massiv escolding,they wont leave the plants alone and we put so much time in,it’s everyday,kids!!!!