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Oh Ya’,

It happened at the right time,as in,we were ready to see .It worked to perfection,the water went through drainage trenches, out holes in the wall and the evesout also.I was out there checking and very satisfied,finally.The troughs we built have been turned into ponds and life goes on…..

I am enjoying the time now,things have slowed down and just chilln’,in the garden,playin’ with the dogs,in the hammock,and just the greatest view…..

So,once again,local ways have won out,things happen differently in other places.We found out and have to commit to the way it’s done here,and it works,so hey!!


I guess it has all gotten to boring as no comments and dribble…no snakes to comment on, work to a snails’ space..anyhow,had problems witht the electric for the fountain,the switch was getting water on it and so,finally it’s been changed.

Last night we got hit with the rain i have been waiting for,buckets came down.I was out there checking all our work and it worked.The rain didn’t have time to collect and the outside drain was moving it’s bit too.I’m quite pleasede as it was njasty and a mess too,it would bring all the dirt from the many gardens and move it about…Well,last night was a good test as it rained for a good hour,so that’s a bit of goood news now….Shit,i can’t believe how fast the time is going,june has just moved by.Had a lovely dinner party last night,about six of us,lot’s of beer and wine and too much joking around.Noi cooked up a storm,whole snapper,big crabs,squid,salad and rice and tons of fruit for dessert,mmmmmmm..

A nice quiet weekend here.Last night we had a dinner partyand this couple were really nice,she’s a major in education and he’s retired from england.We had a good laugh.Noi was up to her usual,cooking up  a storm,mmmmm.We had shish-cabob,deer meat,there is a farm close by so,lot’s of that around.We had spicy salad and huge crabs in spicy coconut milk,oh ya’,it was wonderful and there’s leftovers….We had some good stories to tell and wine to help it go down,a nice Aussie cab,was very good.We had met before,a few times and it had been Dave’s birthday the other night,he invited us to come over to his bar for a little party and had such a nice time I thought to have them over and really,it went really okay,you never know what’s to happen which is also kinda fun.

The dogs are having a good one,friday is the market in the next village and is quite huge(Lat Ya is the village)so I see this Muslim guy cutting meat and ask for bone for the dog and end up with the two front legs,hoofs included,took these and cooked them up for the dogs,about as long as each dog but they try to carry it around,first of many bones.

Noi is happy,we bought 14 bua(lotus)plants and some other water plants,the place is filling up!!They’re very colorful and hopeful the dogs do n’t fancy them…..One of the pit’s we dug for the water idea got turned into a pond so,more plants and fish of course..

I only have a week before taking the big flight to Canada,will be great,really miss here already,yuck\!

Ahhhh,it’s been a great trip,the weather and lot’s of fun.Noi and I have been playing in the pool,the sea and laughing lot’s..Today,it’s back to the big city and see the doctor,do some shopping and have some fun there.

The flight is at sunset and so nice flying into the night,lucky for Noi as she now gets to see the lights and coming into a city the size of Bangkok is pretty impressive,great first flights and she is enjoying it.

A little night life and it hasn’t missed a beat,it’s something to see,at least once…

We have some early shopping to do,we’re off to the fresh market,it’s huge here in Bangkok and the seafood is endless.I bought a cooler and filled it with crabs,oysters and skid,the two of us had a bit of a time carrying it through the masses but made our way back to the hotel and re-group.We hired a cab and off on a leisurely tour to the country,it’s about 2 hours to Kanchanaburi and we made a deal for $25 which is quite good.

I had Dav and his family staying to watch the house and stuff and getting back all was good,my workers had completed their work and all looks good,the dogs went nuts to see us and i am glad to be back here.It’s a lovely place to hang and it’s back in the garden….

Hey!!!Well usually I stay in the old part of Bangkok,mostly back-packers and old hippie -types.This trip I’m travelling with Vic and he wants to be where the action is,ok.We stayed on sukimvit area,full of party,girls and strip clubs,massage par;ours and on…

I have been down her for an evening out type of thing but to stay there 2 nights was something.It’s like a carnival,full of noise,music,color,odd-couples,man,quite the side-shows,anyhow stayed in the thick of it and had a bit of a laugh..There is shopping also and stores that have western goods,like i found Canadian club,nowhere else in the country..

Off to the beach now and leave the freaks to their play,glad to get moving but had fun for sure…Were promised good weather and nice beaches.Flight just an hour and into the south of thailand and the tropical beaches with the blue-blue water…Phuket is stunning and mountainous island with tourquoise waters and palm trees and some nice bikinis too,heheheh.Noui and I went on a boat trip,all day and hit a few islands,snorkelling,swim and eating,the tour was well done and we both had a bit too much sun.A nice dinner on the beach and it’s kip for me.Vic is hanging back as he pushed it a bit too much in Bangkok and paying for it here,too bad..The time is going so quickly,only one more night then back on the plane,well worht the visit and would come back anbytime.island people are nice too,a laid back sort.

The shop is coming together,off to Canada to ship and fill in the space.You notice the important things moved in first,a good size beer fridge,heheheh,and a freezer to match.Check the generator,just in case,the beer must stay cold.I just had the gennie mounted outside  and wired into the house and tried it,runs the whole place at the flip of a switch,gotta love it….

Still trying to figure this picture shit but anyway,here is a shot during some heavy rain,there was no drainage put in when they built the wall,we’re fixing that now and should be fine,funny,the whole front yard was flooded withing 15 minutes and about an hour after all was gone,gotta be ready for climate change…

What a lovely day to be leaving,our sunflowers just opened this morningand everything looks soo nice.My buddy Dav and his wife Ning will be staying here,feed dogs,feed fish and hang around kinda thing…We go to the big city and have a couple of evenings,I have some metal to get treated and Noi needs some material,and some fun on the town.I hear the waves in Phi Phi are 2 meters,surf is up and hope that’s all,tsunami area…….

Keep you all posted and photos to follow……..

Whew,well,persistance and a bit of jumping up and down….First,I bought an internet card and the site came up,thenI went to the phone people and told them there was something wrong with my line,these poor guys have been here for 5 hours and got it up and running,especially after I showed them the internet card,so folks,read on.

I had a complaint(long distance too)from John C, that my spelling was in need of help,maybe it’s your glasses??Anyhow,all whining aside,it’s nice not to have to drive 15 kilometer to reach out there.I guess this is prety boring shit,so sorry but a bit of a big deal out here in the bush!!!

Will be packing tonight for a couple of days in Bangkok,going away party for a friend and then deep south we have a flight on Monday fort Phuket and the ocean,gotta love it..

This is a strange place,cyberspace,I have had this computor reemed and nothing seems to smooth out this problem.Well,yesterday i was ready to pack wordpress in,I’ve been driving 15 km to blog,a little crazy,although it’s nice to get away from paradise sometimes…..

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