This computor thing is getting old…still not on,and had my tower in ,I might quit this site and just use facebook,already posting photos much easier,for me anyway,than here…

New.We had the rain,the sky opened and funny thing,my whiter hat(foreman)and workers were stuck to see the outcome,since I’m in a cafe,can’t put them up,for now,but,did it rain,and caught us with the wall open and no drain,so,it was full in 10 minutes and what I had been trying to explain was no redundent,heheheh.On to plan “C” and let the white hat go,as my Burtmese guys can handle it from here.all realize we don’t need to attract water with rocks sifting under the wall,now were putting blocks,bricks and mortar under the wall,piping for what falls from the sky onto my property and that should be it,also have pounded 4 inch holes(4) to help build up run quickly,whew!!!!!

I saw the smallest hummingbird the other day,I thought it was a bee,not much bigger,really colorful and hummin’.Got the gennie wired to the house,just in case of power outage and the new fridge and freezer,man that fridger is big,stainless and 7 feet high,looks great,wouldn’t fit in the house where we wanted so I put it in my workshop,gota love it….

I reaaly thought this working on the house thing was over but,gotta do what you gotta do….

That’s it though as Noi and I have a flight to Khoa Phi Phi,on Monday for the week of surf and fun,leaving for Bangkok on satyurday as  bud is closing his hotel/bar and the party is on,be nice to see the guys’.

I feel like a shit,my slingshot eye is too good,got Bear last night and it hurt her,she’s a little shy today and I feel bad,we’ll leave it at that.

I just came in to get my ticket,really funny,bought it online and tried to change it online,had to go through a travel agent,go figure????Back to Canada for two weeks,the first 2 of july and ship my shit here and see the Blues Fest!!!!!!!