• fountain and painted wallfountain and painted wallthis is a mess,playing with photo of front yard…..Today we take it easy,one of my workers wife is sick and so,just us and the dogs ,and that’s fine.We just had a Buddust holiday,actuatown of Nong Bually every full moon but this was the big one of the year.

This photo is coming into the village of Nong Bua(place of the lotus)and crossing the bridge over the river kwai,not to be mistaken for the famous bridge from the second world war which is 15 kilometers down the road.On the banks we eat and swim,it’s quite lovely and a favourite for thais local and from far.The bridge was one lane and now is 2…..

This second picture shows the bamboo restaurants hanging over the river,very nice to pass some time and watch the water flow by…..

Anyhow,see what the week brings,wqe fly on the weekend south to Phi Phi island and Phuket,a little time off for all our hard work,heheheh…….