Whew,well,persistance and a bit of jumping up and down….First,I bought an internet card and the site came up,thenI went to the phone people and told them there was something wrong with my line,these poor guys have been here for 5 hours and got it up and running,especially after I showed them the internet card,so folks,read on.

I had a complaint(long distance too)from John C, that my spelling was in need of help,maybe it’s your glasses??Anyhow,all whining aside,it’s nice not to have to drive 15 kilometer to reach out there.I guess this is prety boring shit,so sorry but a bit of a big deal out here in the bush!!!

Will be packing tonight for a couple of days in Bangkok,going away party for a friend and then deep south we have a flight on Monday fort Phuket and the ocean,gotta love it..