Hey!!!Well usually I stay in the old part of Bangkok,mostly back-packers and old hippie -types.This trip I’m travelling with Vic and he wants to be where the action is,ok.We stayed on sukimvit area,full of party,girls and strip clubs,massage par;ours and on…

I have been down her for an evening out type of thing but to stay there 2 nights was something.It’s like a carnival,full of noise,music,color,odd-couples,man,quite the side-shows,anyhow stayed in the thick of it and had a bit of a laugh..There is shopping also and stores that have western goods,like i found Canadian club,nowhere else in the country..

Off to the beach now and leave the freaks to their play,glad to get moving but had fun for sure…Were promised good weather and nice beaches.Flight just an hour and into the south of thailand and the tropical beaches with the blue-blue water…Phuket is stunning and mountainous island with tourquoise waters and palm trees and some nice bikinis too,heheheh.Noui and I went on a boat trip,all day and hit a few islands,snorkelling,swim and eating,the tour was well done and we both had a bit too much sun.A nice dinner on the beach and it’s kip for me.Vic is hanging back as he pushed it a bit too much in Bangkok and paying for it here,too bad..The time is going so quickly,only one more night then back on the plane,well worht the visit and would come back anbytime.island people are nice too,a laid back sort.