Ahhhh,it’s been a great trip,the weather and lot’s of fun.Noi and I have been playing in the pool,the sea and laughing lot’s..Today,it’s back to the big city and see the doctor,do some shopping and have some fun there.

The flight is at sunset and so nice flying into the night,lucky for Noi as she now gets to see the lights and coming into a city the size of Bangkok is pretty impressive,great first flights and she is enjoying it.

A little night life and it hasn’t missed a beat,it’s something to see,at least once…

We have some early shopping to do,we’re off to the fresh market,it’s huge here in Bangkok and the seafood is endless.I bought a cooler and filled it with crabs,oysters and skid,the two of us had a bit of a time carrying it through the masses but made our way back to the hotel and re-group.We hired a cab and off on a leisurely tour to the country,it’s about 2 hours to Kanchanaburi and we made a deal for $25 which is quite good.

I had Dav and his family staying to watch the house and stuff and getting back all was good,my workers had completed their work and all looks good,the dogs went nuts to see us and i am glad to be back here.It’s a lovely place to hang and it’s back in the garden….