A nice quiet weekend here.Last night we had a dinner partyand this couple were really nice,she’s a major in education and he’s retired from england.We had a good laugh.Noi was up to her usual,cooking up  a storm,mmmmm.We had shish-cabob,deer meat,there is a farm close by so,lot’s of that around.We had spicy salad and huge crabs in spicy coconut milk,oh ya’,it was wonderful and there’s leftovers….We had some good stories to tell and wine to help it go down,a nice Aussie cab,was very good.We had met before,a few times and it had been Dave’s birthday the other night,he invited us to come over to his bar for a little party and had such a nice time I thought to have them over and really,it went really okay,you never know what’s to happen which is also kinda fun.

The dogs are having a good one,friday is the market in the next village and is quite huge(Lat Ya is the village)so I see this Muslim guy cutting meat and ask for bone for the dog and end up with the two front legs,hoofs included,took these and cooked them up for the dogs,about as long as each dog but they try to carry it around,first of many bones.

Noi is happy,we bought 14 bua(lotus)plants and some other water plants,the place is filling up!!They’re very colorful and hopeful the dogs do n’t fancy them…..One of the pit’s we dug for the water idea got turned into a pond so,more plants and fish of course..

I only have a week before taking the big flight to Canada,will be great,really miss here already,yuck\!