I guess it has all gotten to boring as no comments and dribble…no snakes to comment on, work to a snails’ space..anyhow,had problems witht the electric for the fountain,the switch was getting water on it and so,finally it’s been changed.

Last night we got hit with the rain i have been waiting for,buckets came down.I was out there checking all our work and it worked.The rain didn’t have time to collect and the outside drain was moving it’s bit too.I’m quite pleasede as it was njasty and a mess too,it would bring all the dirt from the many gardens and move it about…Well,last night was a good test as it rained for a good hour,so that’s a bit of goood news now….Shit,i can’t believe how fast the time is going,june has just moved by.Had a lovely dinner party last night,about six of us,lot’s of beer and wine and too much joking around.Noi cooked up a storm,whole snapper,big crabs,squid,salad and rice and tons of fruit for dessert,mmmmmmm..