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Well,feeling like I’m back to normal,where ever that is…

On organizing this trip I had frequent calls back and forth,thank you Skype(computor phone,good and cheap)and some great offers that really worked out.I have one aunt and she’s a beaut,Odette is like really close to 80 and runs a household up in Hamilton like she is 45,amazing fun lady and my fav.Anyhow,the last few visits I would show up with 4 lobsters and we(Cousin Deb,husbandFrank,Odette and me)would chow down amonst laughter,wine and a cracking noise.So,the plan this time was for Debra to pick me up at the airport in Toronto ,have burn ready and head home to 25 lbs(no less)of crustations and fine french champagne.Well,trying to shrug jet-lag and fine smoke I did a hell of a job but we ended up with some nicelooking leftovers(6)…

I was on kinda tight time frame so after a nice morning visit it was on the road again and off on the bus to Toronto and the train to Ottawa,home of Mexi’s shit hole…..the train is really the way to go,have a read a little cocktail and the easy movement on the tracks eases you along.I had Preston leave the keys to my locker with Val,so the train is late,rush for a cab to get me to the Glebe. As Val leaves around 5pm and it’s gonna be close,I get in the bar and John is working which really throws me off,she is on holidays!!!!Deflate!!!These guys’ were well organized,there’s John C. with my keys and Blues Fest ticket,am I sorted…..So,as you do,Iget into a few beers,yarns and a wobble home.Guy and Margo have me staying with them,nice people,nice place and great location,Ottawa south on sunnyside St.The Blues Feast has always been my injection of western music,I always travel in areas where they don’t have this kind of music andif they try to play it it’s better to leave.I have heard,renditions ofBeatles,Rolling Stones,horrible but the best was Rod Stewart up in northern Burma,these guys were good but still had problems with the “R”s…..
So far,I’m in Ottawa for the music,friends,see my money guy and have lunch with his secratary, and go through my storage,not really looking forward to this part…..


You gotta love the 21st century….Whew,still getting over jet-lags………

I had a return ticket for december,back to Canada,and thought,shit,may as well go back in the summer when everyone is complaining about the heat than go in the winter when everyone is complaining about the cold…..And the choices,go in June and catch the F1 with Preston and other fellow retards or go in July and catch the “Blues Fest”with fellow,same as before but only different…So,after not too long it was July and what a choice,except for weather,man,it was cool,wet and barely hot,see was just among other complaining souls.

It was great and had my poncho and gortex bottoms to see me through,don’t forget the bike which I left to Tish on my exit,trying to trim down,too much shit lying around the world…..Everyone was so organized,John C. had my ticket and oh ya’,my keys to that nightmare,the storage container from HELL!!!At first my idea was,come to Canada,have a visit and a couple of “Q’s” and ship my storage here since I live here and all that.I had lot’s of help researching shipping companies and other ways to get it all moved.By the time I got home the plan had changed,no,go figure…….The costs were hovering around $4000 to my house in Kanchanaburi.So,looking at my thingsa finally the light went on and with the help of my buddy Guy we put plan “B” into action,the Q was sold,the bed and all went a jewllers desk went and the rest was trimmed down and some things went to TC in the country and I split with about 60 kilos of luggage dragging through airports,trains,cabs hallways,stairs was quite comical to stop off in the EU have a break and get Hilda in Amsterdam to help me re-pack,they only allow 30 kilos in Europe,funny coming from Canmada I was only aloowed 23 kilos,had to pay $7/kilo,lucky because in europe they charge $70/kilo,OUCH!!!!!Hilda is the best,my friend in Amsterdam,we moved it all around and ended with31.4kilo luggage and roughly after gifts for Noi 30 kilo carry on,man,was tight but worked.Hilda saw me to the check in just incase,she would keep the excess.She grabbed one carry on,and I checked with one,and very lucjky as the check-in beside me was weighing the check\in stuff.So,were having our good=bye drink laughing and all,tearful good-bye and off to the gate,check my ticket and only allowed one bag,whoa!!!!!!I was shitting,you would of thought I was carying something very illegal but all for nothing and into the rather blue/gray sky for Germany,another story…

Gotta do my thing here,check the dogs,burn one and on…..soon

Wow,great idea,this coming to Canada,the weather is not the best let’s say……

I’ve been to Hamilton and pigged out with lobster(25lbs for 7 of us) and some really expensive champagne,which paired very nicely..I only had one evening up there,but it was full of fun and seemed much longer.On the train to Ottawa,I love the train,it was relaxing,read a book and have a cocktail,very civilized.

Here in Ottawa,The Blues Fest is on for 10 days,so,spending a lot of time there and the storage and that whole thing in the day.I decided to downsize and halfed it and just keep it like that for a bit as we’ll see how Asia goes.I’ve been here a week now and have had some nice visits and great foods,had another feed of lobster on monday and a BBQ planned for later today,just grand…

Anyhow,just  a short note,I know I’ve been just off-line,a holiday,eh??

noistuart.jpgHere is a photo of Noi and I on the beach in the south.Rita was complaining,not our Rita?,about no new photos,camera is sick and not back from repair,so sorry….see u at the Blues….

Ahhhh,it’s been quite peaceful this last week and really enjoyed it.We had some rain which kept the workers away,a blessing..

I’ve created a short list for when I’m gone,keep them busy and all.Today,rather not but once you get the feet moving it’ll be fine.It’s so nice here it’s hard to leave.Anyhow,it’s off to Bangkok this morning and wspend the day with some last minute presents and stuff,my plane is tomorrow morning,and a long one,17 hours,shorter on the way back as it was 25 hours coming,something to do with the jetstream..

I cut the grass and pulled weeds till my hands were too sore to carry on,leave some for later.I’ve gotten to enjoy pullin’ weeds…..

So,a stop in Japan on the way,they have this great sushi bar in the airport and the guys’ are quite the act to watch.After that I take the long one to Toronto,my cousin will pick me up and wisk to Hamilton where there’s 25 pounds of lobster waiting,mmmmmmmmmm,nice re-entry,hehehheh….

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