Ahhhh,it’s been quite peaceful this last week and really enjoyed it.We had some rain which kept the workers away,a blessing..

I’ve created a short list for when I’m gone,keep them busy and all.Today,rather not but once you get the feet moving it’ll be fine.It’s so nice here it’s hard to leave.Anyhow,it’s off to Bangkok this morning and wspend the day with some last minute presents and stuff,my plane is tomorrow morning,and a long one,17 hours,shorter on the way back as it was 25 hours coming,something to do with the jetstream..

I cut the grass and pulled weeds till my hands were too sore to carry on,leave some for later.I’ve gotten to enjoy pullin’ weeds…..

So,a stop in Japan on the way,they have this great sushi bar in the airport and the guys’ are quite the act to watch.After that I take the long one to Toronto,my cousin will pick me up and wisk to Hamilton where there’s 25 pounds of lobster waiting,mmmmmmmmmm,nice re-entry,hehehheh….