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WE have many here and a joy when they come out….bualotus.jpg


So,here’s a photo of some of the lads,Go is from the area,an architech and his nickname is “Thai piss head”,then Don beside me and were at his bar,then Matt beside him,good lad from England,a money manager.That is one of our fridays…..les-boys.jpg

Well,since the burning and party it’s been really quiet,that’s a pack of shit,just been chillin’ and noticed no-one is commenting so i figure I could like play hookie….

Last weekend Noi went to Bangkok and I did my end of the week thing,go into the city park the bike, get a hoteland hook up with the lads.This is usually a good time and that’s the night out.I ran into this guy Bill from New Zealand(KIwi)and had a good chat.I went fishing or rather to the fishing park,as we do on a sunday(I usually like to go out friday so I have a good sunday but babysat my darlin’ after her trip to the dentist)and Bill showed up too,and all the usual suspects…..

Anyhow after much conversation and beer,it was time to get home for dinner and I invited Bill along.Noi had a great feed on and welcomed our guest.Well we had a time,Bill about the same age and an ol’ hippie type,so we got on fine.WE ate,drank,smoked and chatted,quite a good time and it went by.Don called from his bar inquiring on wednesday if Bill had left town and let him know I would be dropping him off this fine evening if I could drive,the talk has been I kidnapped the guy,anyhow,everyone is having a bit of a laugh,and I took a day off!!!!It was nice to have someone around to talk all kind of shit and with the extra bike,shit,we were all over the area,also took him down to the river eating,swimming and a few beers…..Looks like I have to stop in New Zealand now too…

It feels like rainy season,just rain then some more ,at least the garden is liking it.Noi and I got caught yesterday and it was so hard I pulled off the road.Talking about bikes,I just inquired about a 1954 BMW with the sidecar,ya man!!!!cross your fingers,what a classic…..

What a time was had…it all started gearing up friday,Noi and I locked the house and went tothe big city,room booked and ready to party.We started on the strip,Noi went off for manicure,hairdo and massage and I just hung around with the guys’.A few laughs and such,pretty tame then it’s time for Dons’ bar on the main drag…I met Don when Noi and I were waiting in Kanchanaburi a month on the land deal and Dons’ bar was right across the street from where we stay…Man,he’s Scottish and loves to party so his bar gets goin’,and it’s usually till 4am…we try to make a point of coming in every friday,an evening out..and Dons’ a goodbar-keep as he knows how to get the fever goin’…so he’son the phone making sure everyone shows up at my place for the burnin’ on saturday.we picked up this Indian from Malaysia whose promised to make achicken curry,I’m making pork roast with mashed potatoes,Noi making shish-kabobs of deer meat and other snacks and stuff.Noi likes to entertain as much as I do so it’s real fun..Well,it was a gang and we had a ball,kids playing and some nice groups enjoying it all.Then we have thefishing park on sunday and that’s always a good day too.Jeff(previous owner)was in with three friends from Aus anhd joined in and all ended up at my place for more fun,it was along weekend and kinda taking it easy here fro a coupleof days,whew,good one!!!

roses.jpgWhat a sweet smell,heheheh….Friday,exciting,I’m off to Bangkok tomorrow,wasto go today but Noi isn’t 100% yet,last friday she had 2 teeth out and stitches,not over it yet.I talked to the lawyerand we’ll see tomorrow.He is an old roomate of Dav,sounds good enoutgh for me.Will make a company with 7 sleepy partners with me control 49% and my lawyer my jump over 50,the best way to work it.You can put it all in your ladys’ name but that does go sour often…….Talk about sour!!!!i found this weed/medicinal vine,I’m getting a metal door made for the back of the garage and the guy is in the garden and asks if we’d like to buy7 some plants,and I’m like NO,and of course Noi is going YES,so,comprimize,we’ll go look,turns out it’s a bunch of rare orchids mounted on drift wood,lovely specimens,and I say YES,I always have room for more orchids…..11 different “wood displays”,and he delivers too.Anyhow I notice this vine being the same type from Central America,my wife used to make me drink it, after she boiled it,a wretched taste which I learned to take a lime quickly, coated in salt after chugging the shit….It is a tonic to build your body back up,us partiers need it once in a while,it’s recommended to drink 2 times a day for 5-7 days.I was once back in Honduras after months of abuse in Columbia and was really run down,anyhow my ex made me drink this stuff,heaved some of it too,but,withing 2-3 days I was in top form,that was the first time.Now I’ve found my supply and take it as a precaution to my badness,heheheh….

We have had rainy/cloudy weather for over a week,thoughtI was in Vancouver,man,anyhow it’s back to sunshine and everything has a chance to dry out!!!

let’s all hope Chuck get’s better….

The proposed cite is at the back of the photo,a nice peaceful area for the house and all…It’s funny because when I first came my neighbor said you can’t grow roses here and of course I tried and it worked,we will make it that both co-exist.The garden is a triangular patch surrounded by brick walkway,so,we have tomake a base,cement,elevated and will have the roses around the outside,should work very well..




I’m tryin’……..Here I go,ok,a spirit house is a place to give thanks to Buddha,and we give food and incense also.It turns out my house is in the wrong place on the property.I’vebeen waiting to have this guy who is a High man in Buddist teaching and the Master in the area for these things.So,he showed up last night and the story goes that the original owner was told not to put it where it isspirit-house.jpgwhich is beside a taller building and bathroom,two no-no’s…..and he went on to say that only bad luck followed,he and his wife divorced,had to move and then Jeff bought the house,had trouble with wife and sold the house,do things still go in 3’s????

So,he has come over to pick a new spot.The “spirit house”is all cement to begin with.Anyhow hyis new choice is where my rose garden is flourishing,hmmmm,ok,we want everything flowing right so,move the roses….

And I say,so like when,not for 3 months as we need a bunch of Monks to come over and re-bless the spirit house in new location,it’s a big deal and we get ready for this.You invite the community and it’s like a party,food,drink music and a bill near the end…….

What a pleasure to be home.That routine thing is big…Ahhh,the plants have grown and the dogs,man,amazing,just go away for a bit and come back and great feeling and you say “wow,this is mine?yahoo!”gonna be hard to leave next time….

I had a bit of shit here though,we get home and decide should go for a ride,go to the market and stuff,so,I turn on the fountain and off we go,get back,the fountain is off.I checked all and turns out burnt motor!!!!I was having problems with algea so I tried bleach,it put this white coating on the fountain but was keeping the algea back so I said self,I can live with a white fountain.Well,that white shit jammed up the fucking pump,so here I go with plan #….I go buy a pressure-washer,strap it on the bike,big thing now,and putt home.After two days the ol’ fountain is brown again,new pump and she’s just like new.

Now I’m thinking aout this algea problem again so it’s off to the fish store,as we also have anew large pond with coy about a foot long and don’t want algea movin’ in there either.I get the magic juice and have been using it on both and the fish I can see and there’s no build up in the fountain,will keep you posted…

Noi saw a dog house design and wanted one so this was a nice little project,a side by side duplexd,very nice,roof and all,I had to go out and buy new blankets for it,ahhhhh.

Remember when i was having this drainage problem and flooding??Well,all the brick walkways had become a living thing,from all the soil and stuff,so,another job for the spray wash from hell,really does the job,and it’s a big one,I figure i have 5 days in and it looks like half way.

I had to call buck in Ottawa,well,when you spray all the sand in betwen the bricks flies out,no sweat,I put it back in but the f…ing rain brings it right back out,anyhow,I got a tip and will try it out,mix dry cement with the sand,put in the brick and then mist it and hope you don’t have to take up the brick ever,I guess…

I have also arranged to meet some ol’ travel friends while I’m in the EU..Zawa and Ollie,we travelled hard through Columbia and then Eacudor in ’93 spending a few month together.I lost touch,no joke,and ran into Zawa in Thailand in the late ’90’s.I was staying in Bangkok at the time and coming out of my place there was Zawa sitting with friends.I couldn’t remember his name  and thought he’d recognize me but forgot in South america I had a long beard and hair,so seeing he didn’t have a clue I started with Canqada then said Stuart,with that he got up and gave me the german version of a bear hug,he stands around 6’5’……So,we went to the island’s and had a nice holiday and got to meet his lovely girlfriend,Claudia.So,now re-connected we keep in touch and Zawa is still good friend with Ollie but yhe doesn’t travel,kids….

Anyhow,Zawa and Claudia came to Honduras to see me and I keep in touch on the phone.So,we made a plan that they would all come to Amsterdam and have a bit of a time.Well,what a time and great re-union,I still think about it,Ollie hadn’t seen me in 14 years but drove 5 hours to check it out,here’s to ya!!!!We gave it agood one,there was 7 of us in our gang and Hilda our tour guide,she is the best!!!WE had a full weekend of eating,drinking hit a reggae fest and many coffee shops,really good and hope to do it some more and have visits from them here in Thailand.We have our final smoke and beer and everyone goes home with sweet memories…..

Now i’m back on the airwaves,Hilda has helped again and we got my mass re-configured,I have 60 kilo and after 30 it’s 70 euro /kilo,ouch….So,we have my carryon at 30 kilo and backpack at 30 and let’s check it out or rather in…It was rather comical,I’m in one line and Hilda in the other,see which moves better,well the lady checkingyou in is weighing the carry on,and in my line no,so Hilda says to give her one bag and I get my boarding with no wieghing and we’re laughing and go off to have a final drink and smoke.Well I’m off to my gate and check my ticket and ooops,it says only one carry on?????????????A bit of stress but I see guys’ with laptop and bag and cool right down.

I fly to Frankfurt then go through the most rigorous custom I’ve been through and next stop Thailand…It is so much quicker flying this way rather than going through the pacific,from Toronto or Montreal through europe is roughly 16 hours of flying,going through the Pacific is 25,take your pick…

Well,Noi meets me at the airport and we decide rather than stay in Bangkok we’ll go home,there had been riots the night before where 200 police were injured so we thought best to keep on movin’.

Now here’s a good one,after all these customs and fucking  around with luggage,I go through my breifcase and in the side pocket is a meat cleaver I forgot about,hmmmmm.

So that’s it,what  atrip and will do it again,Ciao.

noihilda.jpgdcp_0043.jpgWell,finally the Blues is back to Lebreton Flats,no more listening to music bounch off city hall,I think they should move the jazz too…

The line up was quite heavy,sorry I missed a couple of shows,inclement weather,too many “Q’s”,anjd such fun….

Well,thanks to Guy,I got a lot of shit done and a great guy to bounch ideas off,.gotta room with a view Guy,and bring your squeeze…..

Time to go,look frorward and maybe a skii holiday coming up…

Off to Montreal and visit with Preston,and a new baby boy,everyone is healthy and Anna is in full chill mode,after the first the stress is gone.Preston and I hit the cafes and bars of Mtl and had a killer visit,off to the airport and to the EU….

I couldn’t get a ticket to Amsterdam because all you Canadians are on thye flight,no worries,I’m flying to Brussels on a one way,EAST!!!I haver soo0 much luggage,I’m dragging the shit through plane,train and bus stations,quite cool I meet this young first time traveller with dre,which he is franticlly working and destination,Adam.The O(l’ guy helps out and the young one gives a hand with luggage,now we’re off to Holland.just acouple of hours and back in “The Dam”.I kept an apt. here in the early “70’s” and made it base camp for quite a while,it’s always a pleasure to come back.Anyhow,I decide it’s time to stash the luggage and hit some coffee stop shop…it is Amsterdam…

I have some old friends here and on the phone and ready to hook up.Hilda and Willi are so nice,they staying at my new place in thailand this year,and we had such a nice time….There is a pic of willie,on the right,with Vic in the background….The big picture,oh well,is Hilda on the right and Noi at the Waterfall up the road.So,orignally Hilda and Willi were in Honduras and I was making “Q’s” for tourists on a deserted Carribean island and that’s how we met,thingws developed and that was 5 years ago but we kept in touch on the internet and this year they were in New Zealand with ol’ friends and looking through travel pic’s,Hilda see’s a photo of me with her friend in vietnam and sends me the email and found out we were so close so they dropped by,we hope they can do that again soooon.

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