for lack of a better title…’s like you never left,coming back to a place you know very well,where everyone is too,scary,take back alleys and not know the outcome…and,time of year,summer and the feelin’ is……only one bummer was to see my ol’ pal Chuck,in four months away he’s aged years,it was an uncomfortable feeling,but leave that there..

Mexi’s and Irene’s looks great as ever,not too drastic changes and the little things are good anywhere.Man,some parties,easy to get swept into it.Ruth had the best barbie,it was like meet late afternoon,I’m on my bike and what a storm,there was a bar close by and I was stuck in it sad to think the “Q” would be inside but hey,the skies cleared and what na evening.We had lot’s of fun people,foods,music and a lot of hats ..I gave Ruth a collection of hats I collected around Asia and they were out for the party,quite alot of fun…..