I have also arranged to meet some ol’ travel friends while I’m in the EU..Zawa and Ollie,we travelled hard through Columbia and then Eacudor in ’93 spending a few month together.I lost touch,no joke,and ran into Zawa in Thailand in the late ’90’s.I was staying in Bangkok at the time and coming out of my place there was Zawa sitting with friends.I couldn’t remember his name  and thought he’d recognize me but forgot in South america I had a long beard and hair,so seeing he didn’t have a clue I started with Canqada then said Stuart,with that he got up and gave me the german version of a bear hug,he stands around 6’5’……So,we went to the island’s and had a nice holiday and got to meet his lovely girlfriend,Claudia.So,now re-connected we keep in touch and Zawa is still good friend with Ollie but yhe doesn’t travel,kids….

Anyhow,Zawa and Claudia came to Honduras to see me and I keep in touch on the phone.So,we made a plan that they would all come to Amsterdam and have a bit of a time.Well,what a time and great re-union,I still think about it,Ollie hadn’t seen me in 14 years but drove 5 hours to check it out,here’s to ya!!!!We gave it agood one,there was 7 of us in our gang and Hilda our tour guide,she is the best!!!WE had a full weekend of eating,drinking hit a reggae fest and many coffee shops,really good and hope to do it some more and have visits from them here in Thailand.We have our final smoke and beer and everyone goes home with sweet memories…..

Now i’m back on the airwaves,Hilda has helped again and we got my mass re-configured,I have 60 kilo and after 30 it’s 70 euro /kilo,ouch….So,we have my carryon at 30 kilo and backpack at 30 and let’s check it out or rather in…It was rather comical,I’m in one line and Hilda in the other,see which moves better,well the lady checkingyou in is weighing the carry on,and in my line no,so Hilda says to give her one bag and I get my boarding with no wieghing and we’re laughing and go off to have a final drink and smoke.Well I’m off to my gate and check my ticket and ooops,it says only one carry on?????????????A bit of stress but I see guys’ with laptop and bag and cool right down.

I fly to Frankfurt then go through the most rigorous custom I’ve been through and next stop Thailand…It is so much quicker flying this way rather than going through the pacific,from Toronto or Montreal through europe is roughly 16 hours of flying,going through the Pacific is 25,take your pick…

Well,Noi meets me at the airport and we decide rather than stay in Bangkok we’ll go home,there had been riots the night before where 200 police were injured so we thought best to keep on movin’.

Now here’s a good one,after all these customs and fucking  around with luggage,I go through my breifcase and in the side pocket is a meat cleaver I forgot about,hmmmmm.

So that’s it,what  atrip and will do it again,Ciao.