What a pleasure to be home.That routine thing is big…Ahhh,the plants have grown and the dogs,man,amazing,just go away for a bit and come back and great feeling and you say “wow,this is mine?yahoo!”gonna be hard to leave next time….

I had a bit of shit here though,we get home and decide should go for a ride,go to the market and stuff,so,I turn on the fountain and off we go,get back,the fountain is off.I checked all and turns out burnt motor!!!!I was having problems with algea so I tried bleach,it put this white coating on the fountain but was keeping the algea back so I said self,I can live with a white fountain.Well,that white shit jammed up the fucking pump,so here I go with plan #….I go buy a pressure-washer,strap it on the bike,big thing now,and putt home.After two days the ol’ fountain is brown again,new pump and she’s just like new.

Now I’m thinking aout this algea problem again so it’s off to the fish store,as we also have anew large pond with coy about a foot long and don’t want algea movin’ in there either.I get the magic juice and have been using it on both and the fish I can see and there’s no build up in the fountain,will keep you posted…

Noi saw a dog house design and wanted one so this was a nice little project,a side by side duplexd,very nice,roof and all,I had to go out and buy new blankets for it,ahhhhh.

Remember when i was having this drainage problem and flooding??Well,all the brick walkways had become a living thing,from all the soil and stuff,so,another job for the spray wash from hell,really does the job,and it’s a big one,I figure i have 5 days in and it looks like half way.

I had to call buck in Ottawa,well,when you spray all the sand in betwen the bricks flies out,no sweat,I put it back in but the f…ing rain brings it right back out,anyhow,I got a tip and will try it out,mix dry cement with the sand,put in the brick and then mist it and hope you don’t have to take up the brick ever,I guess…