I’m tryin’……..Here I go,ok,a spirit house is a place to give thanks to Buddha,and we give food and incense also.It turns out my house is in the wrong place on the property.I’vebeen waiting to have this guy who is a High man in Buddist teaching and the Master in the area for these things.So,he showed up last night and the story goes that the original owner was told not to put it where it isspirit-house.jpgwhich is beside a taller building and bathroom,two no-no’s…..and he went on to say that only bad luck followed,he and his wife divorced,had to move and then Jeff bought the house,had trouble with wife and sold the house,do things still go in 3’s????

So,he has come over to pick a new spot.The “spirit house”is all cement to begin with.Anyhow hyis new choice is where my rose garden is flourishing,hmmmm,ok,we want everything flowing right so,move the roses….

And I say,so like when,not for 3 months as we need a bunch of Monks to come over and re-bless the spirit house in new location,it’s a big deal and we get ready for this.You invite the community and it’s like a party,food,drink music and a bill near the end…….