roses.jpgWhat a sweet smell,heheheh….Friday,exciting,I’m off to Bangkok tomorrow,wasto go today but Noi isn’t 100% yet,last friday she had 2 teeth out and stitches,not over it yet.I talked to the lawyerand we’ll see tomorrow.He is an old roomate of Dav,sounds good enoutgh for me.Will make a company with 7 sleepy partners with me control 49% and my lawyer my jump over 50,the best way to work it.You can put it all in your ladys’ name but that does go sour often…….Talk about sour!!!!i found this weed/medicinal vine,I’m getting a metal door made for the back of the garage and the guy is in the garden and asks if we’d like to buy7 some plants,and I’m like NO,and of course Noi is going YES,so,comprimize,we’ll go look,turns out it’s a bunch of rare orchids mounted on drift wood,lovely specimens,and I say YES,I always have room for more orchids…..11 different “wood displays”,and he delivers too.Anyhow I notice this vine being the same type from Central America,my wife used to make me drink it, after she boiled it,a wretched taste which I learned to take a lime quickly, coated in salt after chugging the shit….It is a tonic to build your body back up,us partiers need it once in a while,it’s recommended to drink 2 times a day for 5-7 days.I was once back in Honduras after months of abuse in Columbia and was really run down,anyhow my ex made me drink this stuff,heaved some of it too,but,withing 2-3 days I was in top form,that was the first time.Now I’ve found my supply and take it as a precaution to my badness,heheheh….

We have had rainy/cloudy weather for over a week,thoughtI was in Vancouver,man,anyhow it’s back to sunshine and everything has a chance to dry out!!!

let’s all hope Chuck get’s better….