What a time was had…it all started gearing up friday,Noi and I locked the house and went tothe big city,room booked and ready to party.We started on the strip,Noi went off for manicure,hairdo and massage and I just hung around with the guys’.A few laughs and such,pretty tame then it’s time for Dons’ bar on the main drag…I met Don when Noi and I were waiting in Kanchanaburi a month on the land deal and Dons’ bar was right across the street from where we stay…Man,he’s Scottish and loves to party so his bar gets goin’,and it’s usually till 4am…we try to make a point of coming in every friday,an evening out..and Dons’ a goodbar-keep as he knows how to get the fever goin’…so he’son the phone making sure everyone shows up at my place for the burnin’ on saturday.we picked up this Indian from Malaysia whose promised to make achicken curry,I’m making pork roast with mashed potatoes,Noi making shish-kabobs of deer meat and other snacks and stuff.Noi likes to entertain as much as I do so it’s real fun..Well,it was a gang and we had a ball,kids playing and some nice groups enjoying it all.Then we have thefishing park on sunday and that’s always a good day too.Jeff(previous owner)was in with three friends from Aus anhd joined in and all ended up at my place for more fun,it was along weekend and kinda taking it easy here fro a coupleof days,whew,good one!!!