Well,since the burning and party it’s been really quiet,that’s a pack of shit,just been chillin’ and noticed no-one is commenting so i figure I could like play hookie….

Last weekend Noi went to Bangkok and I did my end of the week thing,go into the city park the bike, get a hoteland hook up with the lads.This is usually a good time and that’s the night out.I ran into this guy Bill from New Zealand(KIwi)and had a good chat.I went fishing or rather to the fishing park,as we do on a sunday(I usually like to go out friday so I have a good sunday but babysat my darlin’ after her trip to the dentist)and Bill showed up too,and all the usual suspects…..

Anyhow after much conversation and beer,it was time to get home for dinner and I invited Bill along.Noi had a great feed on and welcomed our guest.Well we had a time,Bill about the same age and an ol’ hippie type,so we got on fine.WE ate,drank,smoked and chatted,quite a good time and it went by.Don called from his bar inquiring on wednesday if Bill had left town and let him know I would be dropping him off this fine evening if I could drive,the talk has been I kidnapped the guy,anyhow,everyone is having a bit of a laugh,and I took a day off!!!!It was nice to have someone around to talk all kind of shit and with the extra bike,shit,we were all over the area,also took him down to the river eating,swimming and a few beers…..Looks like I have to stop in New Zealand now too…

It feels like rainy season,just rain then some more ,at least the garden is liking it.Noi and I got caught yesterday and it was so hard I pulled off the road.Talking about bikes,I just inquired about a 1954 BMW with the sidecar,ya man!!!!cross your fingers,what a classic…..