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This has been an easy job,have good workers and other than the rain we’re movin’ on..Had a little fuck up,the granite guy wasn’t used to inches and the salelady said no problem,so,monday,delivery day,there is a problem,mm verus inch….You should have seen me trecking back out to their store in the pouring rain,just thing

s you gotta do….So,now I think I got it man!!!so,they finally deliver on thursday morning and as my lads  are unloading,I check out the stock and they haven’t cut out the sink,completely,they’ve cut the corners and about 2 inches worth,well,trying not to loose it,I go to the garage to burn one and try to laugh it off,what can you do,I mean she delivered the fucking thing unfinished and wants full payment telling me I can cut it,it’s fucking rock,GRANITE?!*They also didn’t do the rounding of the edge,well half,sooo,I say,guess what,I ain’t payin’!!!!! Anyhow,ended up they brought a crew out and finished it here…….and I payed…..notice where the sink is supposed to be????Okay,here is how it should have came,happy now,I can finnish my work!!!!!!I designed it and was shitting waiting to see if all the measurements met up,and they did,and very close I may add….

Well,having probs getting the photos in sequence,but I’m sure you can figure it out…Teh piece is 11 feet long of granite then I put slate on the lower portion and there you have it,an outdoor kitchen area..Wait,soon will have the finnishing of the “Q”,hand made and all and a bit big so it can handle a pig or goat or…..




s6300122.jpgAnother project underway…here is the new site for my bbq/kitchen area,and about time too.What we see here is the outline for my sink/work area,it’s 11 feet long and has a double sink at the front end and the blue cooler built in the other.The base will be concrete then covered in brown and black slate then granite top!!!!!!You can’t believe this,I’ve been shopping for a wooden table for ms6300123.jpgonths and basiclly gave up,mostly the pricing was way out of line,well turns out an 8 foot by 4 foot slab of granite and a backsplash orf 6 inch by 8 foot, cut out the sink and stuff,round the edge and delivered for $60,nuts,so off I go and get a rod-iron table base made and I’ll have a granite table or 2…..with rod-iron base,should look great….

The second photo is the rose garden being transformed into the site of the new spirit house,we’re trying to keep the roses too….

s6300098.jpgs6300099.jpgHere we are,this is your standard Honda scooter(80cc)with a sidecar addition and you can see here’s your sidewalk electric welder.He was here to fix some of Don’s chairs and his wiring for the welder itself was very haphazard,and here it’s 220V.I will send more photos as there are some amazing wheels on the road over here.These scooters are beat to death and used and abused.I was initialy going to get one made up with the sun roof and all but found a BMW with the sidecar(1954) and looking a lot sportier than this,just waiting on this german guy to get back and should have some slick photos then…

Fridays’,it’s off to the market in Lat Ya about 10 kilometers from here,it’s s6300036.jpga huge open air event s6300039.jpgs6300043.jpgwith veggies,meats,clothing and some things I’m not too sure what it could be…We also buy fish sometimes and this is one of them.The fish lady has our coy but had this beauty of an Empress fish,very popular here and very expen$ive.It’s a red one and only $24,he’s comin’ home…You can’t put him with other fishes either so it’s off to buy another big tank….Also friday night so Noi and I hit the big city and grab a hotel for the night.A great night with the lads and had a few as you do.We check out the fish store and the lady has one for like $90about the same size and not as nice colour so we’re kinda happy about that.Noi and I are like kids in a candy store,we end up with the large tank,buy a small tank for the deck area and I get into the siameses fighting fish and leave with 4 and all the trappings,get me outta here!!!It’s all looking very nice,we also got 6 coy for the outside front pond,gotta remember all the sites and now we have about 4 different types of food too…

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