s6300122.jpgAnother project underway…here is the new site for my bbq/kitchen area,and about time too.What we see here is the outline for my sink/work area,it’s 11 feet long and has a double sink at the front end and the blue cooler built in the other.The base will be concrete then covered in brown and black slate then granite top!!!!!!You can’t believe this,I’ve been shopping for a wooden table for ms6300123.jpgonths and basiclly gave up,mostly the pricing was way out of line,well turns out an 8 foot by 4 foot slab of granite and a backsplash orf 6 inch by 8 foot, cut out the sink and stuff,round the edge and delivered for $60,nuts,so off I go and get a rod-iron table base made and I’ll have a granite table or 2…..with rod-iron base,should look great….

The second photo is the rose garden being transformed into the site of the new spirit house,we’re trying to keep the roses too….