This has been an easy job,have good workers and other than the rain we’re movin’ on..Had a little fuck up,the granite guy wasn’t used to inches and the salelady said no problem,so,monday,delivery day,there is a problem,mm verus inch….You should have seen me trecking back out to their store in the pouring rain,just thing

s you gotta do….So,now I think I got it man!!!so,they finally deliver on thursday morning and as my lads  are unloading,I check out the stock and they haven’t cut out the sink,completely,they’ve cut the corners and about 2 inches worth,well,trying not to loose it,I go to the garage to burn one and try to laugh it off,what can you do,I mean she delivered the fucking thing unfinished and wants full payment telling me I can cut it,it’s fucking rock,GRANITE?!*They also didn’t do the rounding of the edge,well half,sooo,I say,guess what,I ain’t payin’!!!!! Anyhow,ended up they brought a crew out and finished it here…….and I payed…..notice where the sink is supposed to be????Okay,here is how it should have came,happy now,I can finnish my work!!!!!!I designed it and was shitting waiting to see if all the measurements met up,and they did,and very close I may add….

Well,having probs getting the photos in sequence,but I’m sure you can figure it out…Teh piece is 11 feet long of granite then I put slate on the lower portion and there you have it,an outdoor kitchen area..Wait,soon will have the finnishing of the “Q”,hand made and all and a bit big so it can handle a pig or goat or…..