Well,while I have these workers here,they’ve turned out to be a pleasure to have as they know what they’re doing also..As6300185.JPGt the main house when it rains the gravel driveway soaks up the water then drains it under the house and makes a proper mess,dirt and all,so,we dug out the two effected walls enough to run two courses or rows and then cement the whole thing,should do the trick,or that’s whatI’m hoping.

The new kitchen area is a really nice spot to sit,I like it better than the porch.You’re in the middle ofthe garden instead of looking in and at ground level, and the wine helps too…Today,it’s sunday and it’s a beauty of a day.I’m sore from the hours put in the last few days,my workers were commenting ¬†on how good I work,well,I feel it today but looking at our accomplishments it’s all worth it….

Today is another exciting day,I got the table top,granite,8ftx3ft,and yesterday I went to check on the rod iron bottom and oh ya!!!I got Choi yesterday to move the cement table and chairs across the street,with my help of course,it never fit in and to heavy for moveable furniture…

That butterfly is one of the biggest,it’s been around for a couple of days…..