s6300205.JPGthis is a loom we just made under the guidence of Noi.She was up-country visiting family and brought back some material(grasses)to weave,at this point I’m eager to see what gives….

s6300204.JPGHere Noi is s6300230.JPGheating pigments to dye the grasses,then dry in the sun,I can’t wait till she starts…….not good with moving the photos around…..here we are,it’s very colorful and she has an outline of an elephant,quite cool to watch…..this piece will be around 7 feet long,I remember joking in school about taking basket weaving,well,watch what you wish for…….

As for me,just got back from Bangkok,getting tools and metal,the shop is now happening….

Had a bit of shit this last week,Bear&Blacki(the dogs)got into the orchids and a flower bed and trashed it,Noi was upset and me too,well,I gave themm a thrashing and locked up,so,I’m tending to some grass fires and notice my gold bracelet is gone.I figure in the trashing of the dogs it must of came off,Noi and i looked but couldn’t find it and chucked it up to mother earth.So,yesterday I’m thinking maybe check the fire pit,I took a stick and there it was,quite a mess but nothing i can’t handle,It’s back on my wrist and lookin’ good….