Funny how that is,great to get home,whether it’s your hometown,family place or your own,I get kinda excited,even when I think of Ottawa or getting close on a plane or bus,real strange…….anyhow,back from Bangkok and dogs and fish are happy to be fed and the girls are in the kitchen getting some fixins’ happenin’.We have crabs,fish and papaya salad,wines,beers,ahhhhhhh…..s6300244.jpgs6300271.jpgs6300243.jpgBack to work….here we are cutting the granite for my stove-top,in the foreground check out the gas/electric combo.It turned out perfect but on the backslash they were an inch too long which was an easy fix,glad they do it on site….There is the finished version with lighting and fan for those hot stir-frys….I’m glad it’s now done and finally can get at the brick work which has taken on a lot of cfement drips an just an overall mess,II plan to use a hammer and chisel for the thicker stuff and finish it with a drill with wire brush on,it takes a while and my back will be on massage and medication, but hey,it’s all part of it……                    Noi is having some of here family up,great,welll I get back from town and there’s 17,did they empty the village????All ages,and a very happy bunch come to eat(of course)  enjoy the nature,check the waterfalls and party,well,I was having a ball,we have games and badminton and it was great to see all ages(kids around 5 then a group around teens then 20-30 then older,like myself)having fun and it is set up so us older farts can have our own space and the kids too…..