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caq7ava5.jpgI miss him already.

I had the pleasure of meeting Chuck a few years ago at Irene’s Pub.A really friendly guy and a happy one too.We got on right away and had similar hobbies and always a good chat would get going.Lot’s could be said but now I think that all that knew him would rather just remember a great guy.

Love and Laughter…


s6300463.jpgs6300435.jpgIt’s been all about the touch-ups,and ticking them off.The place is feeling real nice and all the work turned out great.Alot of time has been put into the outdoor area which,hey,will be used the most…The tourist season is just beginning and hopeful to catch some of it.I will make up a folder but waiting till the “Q”is nearer the property….Doc,who is making it is quite happy where he is on the project and plan to make a trip up north to see his operation and sit down over a few bevies …

so all in all it has been a great reno….

s6300544.jpgs6300520.jpgs6300518.jpgs6300516.jpgThe girls making “krathongs for the festival,a krathong is floating flower and leaf display to be sent out on the river later in the evening during the festivalwhich is quite beautiful.We first went for luch by the river and then prepared for the parade and festivities to follow….s6300526.jpgs6300524.jpgs6300528.jpgs6300532.jpgs6300535.jpgs6300530.jpgThe costumes in traditional types were wild,some of the head pieces are so detailed and I’m sure a bit heavy,not to mention the beauties wearing them…..s6300534.jpgs6300538.jpgs6300537.jpgs6300536.jpgThe parade winds up at the river where stages are set up for the days’ events.How it goes is,each street,which there are eight, out here in Nong Bua compete for the best performers,costumes and the elaborate huge Krathong,will show photos,they need pick up trucks….s6300545.jpgs6300550.jpgs6300552.jpgs6300584.jpgs6300551.jpgs6300549.jpgs6300553.jpgSo,what do you think?quite nice,eh?This is a small village and amazing to see how much effort is put in…s6300563.jpgHere,Noi in with the group,we had such good weather….s6300561.jpg

We go into the evening and the dancing and judging…………s6300584.jpgs6300585.jpgs6300588.jpgTo top it all off they had a great fireworks display and more dancing,so,that’s the Loy Krathong Festival for another year,street #5 won!!!!

s6300321.jpgs6300325.jpgs6300321.jpgWe had to move the spirit house to this location,it was beside a building taller than it and also by a bathroom,I was kinda suprised that for 6 years it had been there through to Buddist owners but hey,my time…..

This monk had tried to get the other people to move it but never happened,he attributed there bad fortune(break up of relationship and having to sell)to this.

Anyhow,we had built the new area and were waiting for the end of Buddist Lent for him to come and bless,it was at sunrise of the full moon and Noi had been preparing food and flowers and other offerings,I was very moved and involved as the owner,really nice..


s6300121.jpgI remember being excited that the dogs were going through puberty,thinking they’d be a bit more laid back and territotial,hmmmm,before I had chance to fix them the neiborhood dogs were trying to get in here at them,actually at least one did on two occaisions…..Blackis’ tit’s were growing,hmmmm,so off to the vet,they’re spending some quiet time and getting all fixed up…..This is not the nicest photos but they just come at me.I just went to town and Noi said they were howling?!?

So they”re home now,it was a long weekend and really missed them,little shits!!They are soo happy to get out of the “Docs” office,Vic drove them,my acomplice….on the way there they wouldn’t move but on the way back they were lickin’ us,glad to be sprung….


s6300382.jpgThis is the start of it,I was quite moved by it,in the procession there are 52 boats with the smaller ones having at least 20 oarsmen in uniforms from older times,amazing!!!This is done once a year marking the end of Buddist lent,there was a total of 2098 navy personel manning the 52 barges…..s6300371.jpgs6300388.jpgBangkok has like a 24 hour rush hour,clogged streets,it’s mad,also this river you see has major boat taxis from small boats holding 10 people to 200,anyhow on this day,the river was closed and some areas of Bangkok,you can only imagine the mess.I stay in Banglampoo,backpaker area and the old part of the city,and also right by the river…thousands of people got a place from early in the morning to see the procession pass around 4pm…we came from home around 7am,got a room and prepared for the spectac…s6300385.jpgyou wouldn’t want any waves,this is one of the lead barges,there are monks on some(under the canopy)musicions on others and then the royals,in olden times these barges were used in battle also..s6300387.jpgs6300398.jpgs6300402.jpgquite the outfits,the guy on the front sgnals the oarsmen to paddle,busy job..s6300410.jpgs6300403.jpgs6300411.jpgs6300416.jpgs6300417.jpgs6300399.jpgs6300418.jpgs6300419.jpgThese last few shots are of the Kings’ barge,all the pomp and ceremony,I hope it lives on and same for the King and Queen!!!!

Well,it’s been a busy one and have a bit of time to try and catch up.Since the family visit we’ve been chugging along,we now have the company registered,it’s a lot of BS and paper shuffle but now we have it,also,now have all the licenses for a hotel/bar…and our houses cleaner/gardener is working out well too..On monday it’s off to Bangkok,the Royal barge makes it’s annual procession,I’ve s6300296.jpgnever seen this,so off we go,there’s like 50 guys on the paddle and quite an elaborate gold vessel,I’ll have some photos later…..

Yesterday we had our saturday BBQ,I made chili and gaucamole,we had chicken and papaya salad and beers and wine and funny people were giving me money,what a concept!!!I got a bunch of avacadoes from Burma,a buddy lives on the border,funny,thais’ don’t eat them or grown here,so real nice when we can get them,I have a bunch of seeds sprouting as we speak,if your over in a few years we’ll be picking them..

Check out Nois’ new bike,flaming pink,don’t think I’ll be riding this one!!!!!!The girls were ribbing her at school,she was riding the blue suzuki which looks a bit rough,and they were saying she has such a nice house and such a bike,you know how that is.

Had a good one the other day,the papaya trees.I was cleaning the dead branches and throw them over the wall and there’s this snake4 on the wall looking at me,I threw a branch and hit him,off the wall he was,and now I’ve got the machete ion my hand and the dogs are freaking,Blackie is qite the hunter,birds, lizardsneat to watch..anyhow,I’m on the look for this snake right,I’ve been having my worker clear a bout a meter from my wall to keep these things from climbing in so,I’m on the ladder looking over and it’s all clean of brush,the little fucker climbed right up the cement wall,hmmmmm,I havenm’t seen one in a while,hoping the dogs are on the job..s6300329.jpgA little blurry,must be the time of day,heheheh.We are having Suki,it’s like  a hot pot or thai style fondue,we had shrimp,squid, fish…It’s like an inverted bowl with a trough,you put soup stock in the trough,put veggies and noodles in to cook and your meats go on the bowl part which is full of holes and eat at your leasure,quite nice…oh yeah,it’s cooked by charcoal,you have a container that the bowl sits on..s6300300.jpgHere is the spirit house in it’s new location.It was at the bamboo house for years but apparently it was the wrong place,the building was higher,a no no,and beside a washroom,super no no…sooo,this monk who blesses thes spirit houses in the province,he’s your man,well,we arranged with him to fix it right so,he first had a ceremony at the old location,then I was to clean it all then move it to the new spot,then we buy all kinds of food,Noi was cooking up a storm,whole chicken,slab pork fruit and on and on,new decorations and then he came on the full moon at sunrise at the end of Buddist lent and I was to participate,my place and all,I’ll tell you,it was very moving and spiritual,I was moved.So,all is good here…

This is a good one,remember I was proud our dogs had reached puberty,ohhh boy,lot’s of trouble,first,Bear has been trying and getting,out the gate,the male dogs have been staying on the outside frantic to get a hold of my girls,Blacki has been cool not interested,hmm,well the other morning I get up and notice there is a male dog in the yard,hehad to jump up 3 feet then wiggle through the bars to get in,man that’s a tough one but also a hoprny dog,anyhow that’s been 3 nights,last night one biger dog was clawing at the gate and were not sure if were going to have pups!!!!!they have been in the dog houses but there is that one night……

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