s6300382.jpgThis is the start of it,I was quite moved by it,in the procession there are 52 boats with the smaller ones having at least 20 oarsmen in uniforms from older times,amazing!!!This is done once a year marking the end of Buddist lent,there was a total of 2098 navy personel manning the 52 barges…..s6300371.jpgs6300388.jpgBangkok has like a 24 hour rush hour,clogged streets,it’s mad,also this river you see has major boat taxis from small boats holding 10 people to 200,anyhow on this day,the river was closed and some areas of Bangkok,you can only imagine the mess.I stay in Banglampoo,backpaker area and the old part of the city,and also right by the river…thousands of people got a place from early in the morning to see the procession pass around 4pm…we came from home around 7am,got a room and prepared for the spectac…s6300385.jpgyou wouldn’t want any waves,this is one of the lead barges,there are monks on some(under the canopy)musicions on others and then the royals,in olden times these barges were used in battle also..s6300387.jpgs6300398.jpgs6300402.jpgquite the outfits,the guy on the front sgnals the oarsmen to paddle,busy job..s6300410.jpgs6300403.jpgs6300411.jpgs6300416.jpgs6300417.jpgs6300399.jpgs6300418.jpgs6300419.jpgThese last few shots are of the Kings’ barge,all the pomp and ceremony,I hope it lives on and same for the King and Queen!!!!